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Efficiency Through Technology IXDN0045 Rev A. COMPANY OVERVIEW Industry Leader in Power Semiconductors Improving Power Conversion Efficiency NASDAQ: IXYS.

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1 Efficiency Through Technology IXDN0045 Rev A

2 COMPANY OVERVIEW Industry Leader in Power Semiconductors Improving Power Conversion Efficiency NASDAQ: IXYS $304 million annual revenue business in FY08 Multi-disciplined technology: MOS, Bipolar, SOI, DCB, IGBTs, ICs; 150+ patents Founded in 1983 in Silicon Valley, with headquarters in Santa Clara County, CA Eight divisions spanning the globe, with more than 1000 employees More than 2000 customers across diverse sectors ranging from telecommunications, transportation, industrial, medical, consumer and renewable energy companies Broad product portfolio sold in North America, Europe and Asia through direct sales, independent representatives and distributors

3 GLOBAL FOOTPRINT SERVING CUSTOMERS WORLDWIDE Products cover entire power spectrum Focused direct sales force Broad sales representative and distributor relationships IXYS R&D, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution Principal External Foundry (Samsung, Korea)

4 MAJOR LOCATIONS - Headquarters Corporate Headquarters IXYS Power High volume automated test (2200 ft² test floor) Wafer sort (over 2000 ft²) QA and Failure Analysis Support FET and IGBT Design Applications Engineering IXYS Headquarters Milpitas, CA Relocated from Santa Clara January 2008

5 MAJOR LOCATIONS - GmbH Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Finance & Management 500+ Employees 5“/6“ Bipolar Wafer Fab / Clean Room Facilities Semiconductor R&D focused on Diodes, SCRs and IGBTs Module assembly High Speed Automated Test IsoPlus Package Manufacturing & Development IXYS European Headquarters Lampertheim, Germany 50 Km South of Frankfurt 140K ft² Facility with: 20K ft² Assembly Area 28K ft² Wafer Fabrication 7K ft² Clean Room 32K ft² Stockroom

6 MAJOR LOCATIONS – Clare Beverly 91K Sq. Feet Cadence Design Tools High-Voltage BCDMOS Process 14K Sq. Ft. Wafer Fab Class 10 and 0.8u Capable 5 & 6 inch wafer size Bonded Wafer SOI Capability Probe and Final Test ISO9001 Certified Division Offices Sales and Marketing Applications Engineering Design Center Wafer FAB Test Center Proto Assembly Failure Analysis CLARE DIVISIONAL HQ Beverly, Massachusetts 20 miles Northeast of Boston

7 MAJOR LOCATIONS – Clare Aliso Viejo Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design & Application Support Center Clare Aliso Viejo Clare Aliso Viejo Aliso Viejo, California 27K ft². facility w/clean room ISO 9001:2000 Certified Out-Sourced Wafer Fab Production Packaging Failure Analysis In-House Wafer Probing Final Test Inspection Sawing and Picking Burn-In

8 MAJOR LOCATIONS – IXYS Colorado Integrated System Design & Application Support Center 8000 ft² facility System Design Evaluation and Application Support Research & Development Test & Characterization Outsourced Manufacturing & Low Level Testing Fort Collins, Colorado Home of: IXYS RF DEI IXOLAR

9 Alternative Energy

10 IXYS POWER Discrete IGBTs ( Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor ) Discrete MOSFETs ( Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors ) Discrete Diodes & Rectifiers Power Modules IXOLAR Solar Cells Solar “Bits” Solar “Bulbs” CLARE Solid State Relays Optocouplers Telephone Line Interface Integrated Circuits High Voltage Integrated Circuits High Voltage Gate Drivers IXYS RF / DEI RF Power MOSFETs & Drivers DEI Instruments MAJOR IXYS PRODUCT GROUPS

11 IGBT = Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Wide Voltage Range: 600V to 4000V Wide Current Capability: 3.5A to 200A Fast - up to 200KHz switching frequency TECHNOLOGIES: Trench, POLAR BiMOSFET. NPT, PT, and SCSOA type parts. XPT (soft punch thru for motor control) new APPLICATIONS: Medical: Defibrillator Industrial: Motor Drive, Lighting, Inverters, SMPS Consumer: White Goods Mil & Aero: Apache Helicopter IXYS POWER: Discrete IGBTs

12 IXYS Advantages: IXYS Pioneered IGBT Technology POLAR technology – thin die, lower Collector-Emitter saturation voltage - Vce(sat) lower RthJC, etc… ISOPlus Packaging – Electrically Isolated Superior Thermal Performance Wider range of products and packages than competition IXYS POWER: Discrete IGBTs (page 2)

13 MOSFET = Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor Wide voltage range: 55V to 1200V Wide current capability: 0.1A to 350A On resistance (Rds) as low as 1.9mOhm Rise time (Trr) as low as 80nS TECHNOLOGIES: Trench POLAR HT POLAR HV HiPerFET Depletion mode Linear CoolMOS. APPLICATIONS: Medical: MRI power supply Automotive: Electric/Hybrid Vehicles, Golf Carts Industrial: Inductive heating, SMPS Consumer: Audio, Solar Inverters Mil & Aero: Hummer voltage regulator IXYS POWER: Discrete MOSFETs

14 IXYS Advantages: POLAR technology – Thinner Die providing: Lower on Resistance Lower Capacitive Load Lower Thermal Mass (better heat dissipation) Higher Reliability/More Rugged ISOPlus Packaging: Electrically Isolated Superior Thermal Performance Wider Range of Specifications, Packages & Products IXYS POWER: Discrete MOSFETs (page 2)

15 High Frequency Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) & Silicon Carbide (SiC) Wide Voltage Range: 180V to 600V Wide Current Capability: 3A to 23A Low Capacitance – Cj as low as 9pF Schottky & Schottky Gen2, FRED, HiPerFRED, SONIC-FRED Wide Voltage Range: to 1800V Wide Current Capability: to 120A Rectifier Diodes (standard & avalanche) Wide Voltage Range: to 1800V Wide Current Capability: to 160A APPLICATIONS: Medical: MRI, Ultrasound Industrial: Solar Panels Consumer: Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Mil & Aero. Field Power Inverters IXYS POWER: Discrete Diodes & Rectifiers

16 IXYS Advantages: Multiple technologies – single source for widest range of product ISOPlus Packaging Electrically Isolated Superior Thermal Performance Wider range of packaging IXYS POWER: Diodes & Rectifiers (page 2)

17 MODULE defined as Multiple Power Discretes Assembled and Interconnected in a Single Package Module Components may include: IGBT MOSFET Rectifier Thyristor Passives (Resistors, Capacitors) Many common configurations are available. APPLICATIONS: Medical: Defibrillators Industrial: Soft start motor control Consumer: White Goods Mil & Aero. Bradley Fighting Vehicle IXYS POWER: Modules

18 IXYS Advantages: DCB (Direct Copper Bond) Ceramic Substrates Electrically isolated Excellent thermal properties Interconnect etched on internal surface ISOPlus Packaging Includes ISODIL (dual in line) example 55V, 120A Six-Pack Trench MOSFET I4 and I5 Single in Line ISOPlus Packages: Up to 5 leads and multiple components All the advantages of ISOPlusWider range of functionality available IXYS POWER: Modules (page 2)

19 IXYS Advantages in Power Conversion GenX3 TM 300V C3-Class IGBTs Remarkably fast switching performance (hard switching capabilities up to 150Khz) Offers designers a lower cost alternative to power MOSFETs. *Comparable performance to MOSFET equivalent Low saturation voltage, low switching & conduction losses due to PT (Punch-Through) structure Square RBSOA => allowing device to safely operate in a snubberless hard switching application Offered in co-packed versions, further improving switching capabilities TrenchP TM P-Channel MOSFETs Lowest Rdson for P-Channel MOSFETs in the 50V to 150V range in the market! Meets and exceeds market demands for low loss, highly rugged PMOS in 50V to 150V voltage arena Low gate charge & intrinsic gate resistance provides for an extremely efficient and reliable device Cost effective solution to high side switching applications 50V to 150V. Enables designers to reduce component count thereby improving drive circuit simplicity and over-all component cost structure Rugged design thanks to an extended FBSOA and excellent avalanche capabilities TrenchP TM P-Channel MOSFET Comparison

20 IXYS Advantages in Power Conversion (cont.) PolarP TM P-Channel MOSFETs Cost effective solution to ‘high side’ switching applications from 100 to 600V *Currently no P-Channel MOSFET in the market above 200V to compete Reduction in component count, promoting cost savings and circuit simplification for designers Low Rdson and Gate Charge characterization Rugged design => dynamic dV/dt and avalanche rated Trench / TrenchT2 TM Power MOSFETs Ultra-low Rdson Fast switching performance Low package inductance Junction operating temp of 175°C UIS rated HiperFRED TM & Sonic-FRD Diodes High performance fast recovery diode Low loss and soft recovery Very short recovery times Improved thermal behavior Low Irm values Avalanche voltage rated TrenchT2 TM Power MOSFET Comparison

21 IXOLAR™ Product Portfolio Solar Cell Bondable Dies Solar Cell Bondable Wafers Solar Bit Products Solar Bulb Products (Clare)

22 IXYS Solar Products are Single Crystal Float Zone Silicon resulting in: IXolar High Efficiency Solar Cells Higher Efficiency Over Thin Film, Amorphous or Polycrystalline Cells Typically 20% more efficient for same surface area Conversion of a Wider Frequency Range of Light Provides usability under most lighting conditions Indoors and outdoors Incandescent, fluorescent, etc. Consistent Performance Over Time No degradation of power output No loss of frequency response Extended Industrial Temperature Range Higher Reliability / Longer Life

23 CLARE: Solid State Relays Up to 5000V Optically Isolated Form A, Form B Combination, and Multiple Relays in One Package - AC & DC switching POWER Solid State Relays available up to 1000V blocking, 32A, and 2500V isolation APPLICATIONS –Telecom: Switching, –Medical: Instrumentation –Industrial: Automated Test Equipment –Consumer: White Goods, Security, Utility Meters –Military and Aerospace: HVAC Control

24 CLARE: Solid State Relays (page 2) Clare Competitive Advantages: Versus EMRs: –SSRs offer no susceptibility to electromagnetic fields –No “click” –No contact bounce –No spark –Smaller footprint –Higher reliability –Lower power Broadest range of SSRs among all suppliers Domestic fabrication. ISOPlus Packaging – Self Isolated, large thermal surface area, lower overall junction to case temperature rating Excellent applications support and Aggressive pricing!

25 CLARE: Optocouplers Low Cost Single and Dual Optocouplers for signal switching Linear Optocouplers and Isolation Amplifiers (analog couplers) Error Amplifiers APPLICATIONS Telecom: Modems Medical: Electrocardiogram (ECG) Industrial: Isolated Controls, Power Supplies Consumer:Security, Set Top Box Military and Aerospace: Vehicles Linear Optocoupler

26 CLARE: Optocouplers (page 2) Clare Competitive Advantages: High isolation voltages Broad range of products Applications support with specific Telecom expertise Aggressive pricing Medical ECG application with LOC110 Isolation Amplifier

27 CLARE: Telephone Line Interface IC’s LiteLink III TM Silicon DAA for CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) –Single chip telephone line interface for use in modems, handsets, set-top boxes, etc. –Integrated optical isolation LCAS Line Card Access Switch for CO (Central Office) –Five versions offering from 4 to 10 integrated switches –Two package styles (SOIC, or Micro Leadframe Package – MLP) xDSL Termination ICs –sealing/wetting current sources and terminations for CPE and CO applications –Two package styles (SOIC, or MLP) Tone Signaling Products –Call Progress, MF Trunk Signaling, etc. APPLICATIONS: –Any product that touches an analog telephone line

28 CLARE: Line Interface IC’s (page 2) Clare Competitive Advantages: LiteLink Eval Board & “golden” optimized layout Highest level of telecom applications expertise LiteLink offers: – Optical Isolation – Extreme Noise Immunity – Highly Integrated into Single Package – Few External Active Devices Required 10’s of Millions LiteLink & LCAS working in the field Worldwide telephone line compatibility Lowest priced solutions

29 Ultra fast IGBT & MOSFET Gate Drivers Applications: Medical Industrial (Windmill control) Consumer (high end audio ) Mil & Aero Clare Advantages: Higher drive current. Smaller packaging Wider range of product from a single source Lower pricing Clare: Gate Driver ICs

30 Clare: High Voltage Universal HB LED Drivers MXHV9910General Purpose LED Driver DescriptionInductive Buck DC/DC Converter Features8V-450V Operation, Peak Current Control, Linear or PWM Brightness Control, On-chip Voltage Regulator ApplicationsStreet Lighting, Traffic Signaling, Signage & Decorative Lighting, Flat Panel Display Lighting

31 Clare: Hall Effect Sensors MX887D/P µPower Hall Effect Switch DescriptionGeneral Purpose Omni-Directional Hall Effect Switch FeaturesVery Low Supply Current Required 2.5 to 3.5 V Battery Operation Small Size Manufacturability with magnet pole independence ApplicationsBattery Powered Hand Held Devices (cell phone, PDAs) Reed Switch Replacement Security Systems

32 IXYS Colorado: RF Products RF Power MOSFETs & Drivers Linear (to 550W @175MHz) & Switch Mode series (4nS Tr) – Z-MOS FETs MOSFET & Laser Diode Driver ICs GaAs Schottky Diodes Switch Mode MOSFETs – up to 1800W, up to 1000V IXYS RF Competitive Advantages: Broad range of RF products Domestic fabrication Awesome applications support ISOPlus Packaging: Electrically Isolated with Superior Thermal Properties

33 IXYS Colorado: Instruments DEI Systems – Products: –High voltage pulse generators and modulators –Digital delay and low voltage pulse generators –Pulsed, Quasi-CW and CW laser diode drivers and pulsed current sources Applications: High Power Semiconductor Testing Laser Diodes (in Mfg & Applications) Mass Spectroscopy Acoustic Transducers Dielectric/Insulation Test Instruments Magnetron manufacturing High Power Thyratron Drivers RF Power Generation High Frequency Power Conversion

34 SUMMARY IXYS Makes You SUCCESSFUL! –Broad Range of Products – IGBT, MOSFET, DIODE, ICs, MODULES. TELECOM, OPTO, SSR, SOLAR, SPECIALTY –Broad Range of Technologies: POLAR Gallium Arsinide (GaAs) Silicon Carbide (SiC) Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Epitaxial Optically Isolated products –PACKAGING LEADERSHIP –We fit into almost any product being designed Telecom, Industrial, Automotive, Consumer, Medical, Mil & Aero –Our prices are competitive!

35 CONTACT US! IXYS/Clare Area Sales Managers: West: Scott Lodor (858) 792-1101 Central: Neil LeJeune (724) 836-8530 East: Warren Hafner (508) 528-6883


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