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Software Apps. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access Mr. Miller.

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1 Software Apps. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access Mr. Miller

2 Common Task Identify common interface components Use Office 2010 help Open a file Save a file Print a document Select text to edit Insert text and change to the Overtype mode Move and copy text Use the Undo and Redo commands Use language tools Apply font attributes Copy formats with the Format Painter

3 Word 2010 Understand Word basics Use AutoText View a document Use the Mini toolbar Set margins and specify page orientation Insert page breaks Add page numbers Insert headers and footers Create sections Insert a cover page Use Find and Replace commands Check Spelling and grammar Use save and backup options Select printing options Customize Word Apply font attributes through the Font dialog box Highlight text Control word wrapping with nonbreaking hyphens and nonbreaking spaces Copy formats with the Format Painter Set off paragraphs with tabs, borders, lists, and columns Apply paragraph formats Create and modify styles Create a table of contents Create an index

4 Word cont.

5 Excel Define worksheets and workbooks Use spreadsheets across disciplines Plan for good workbook and worksheet design Identify Excel window components Enter and edit data in cells Describe and use symbols and the order of precedence Display cell formulas Insert and delete rows and columns Create and copy formulas Use relative and absolute cell addresses Use AutoSum Insert basic statistical functions Use date functions Us the IF function Use the VLOOKUP function Use the PMT function Use the FV function

6 Excel


8 Excel cont.


10 Integration

11 Access Organize data into useful formats Use critical thinking skills to apply appropriate problem- solving methods Utilize operating system software and data management skills Create Database – Normalization (cursory), Table design, Import methods Create Relationships – Referential Integrity, Cascade Updates and Deletes Add, Edit, Filter, Sort, and Print Data Queries (complex criteria, expressions, functions) Forms (subforms, lookups, buttons) Reports (design, group, print formatting)

12 Access

13 Access cont.


15 PowerPoint Identify PowerPoint user interface elements Use PowerPoint views Open and save a slide show Get Help Create a storyboard Use slide layouts Apply design themes Review the presentation Add a table Insert clip art Use transitions and animations Run and navigate a slide show Print with PowerPoint Create a presentation using a template Modify a template Create a presentation in Outline view Modify an outline structure Print an outline Add existing content to a presentation Examine slide show design principles Apply and modify a Design theme Insert a header or footer

16 PowerPoint

17 PowerPoint cont.

18 Integration


20 PP Project Animation

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