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Preschool Classroom – Age 2 By Yadira Gomez-Cheatham UNT - LTEC 3220.

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1 Preschool Classroom – Age 2 By Yadira Gomez-Cheatham UNT - LTEC 3220

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3 Items for your class : Assigned area for each child’s belongings Changing Station Tables and Chairs Play Centers Rugs Lesson Items Family Wall Cleaning Supplies

4 Assigned area for each child’s belongings It’s a good idea to have hooks for the kids back packs and coats Each child should have some kind of cubby to hold a change of clothes and diapers if not potty trained

5 Changing Station If all kids are not potty trained a well organized changing station is a must. Use cubby’s to store each child’s diapers/pull ups.

6 Tables & Chairs Tables and chairs are important for snack, lunch, and art/craft time Make sure tables and chairs are the size appropriate for the children to easily sit themselves. The height is very important for safety reasons

7 Play Centers Examples: Reading Kitchen Art Blocks Puzzles Dress Up Free Play Fine Motor

8 Play Centers Young children learn so much during center time — social interaction with both peers and adults, self-regulation of behavior, language development, time management, tons of age-appropriate academics, trying new things in a safe environment, etc.

9 Rugs Rugs act as sound barriers Rugs are also great for reading and circle time

10 Lesson Items It is good to have some items to teach the kids their basics, such as, ABC’s, colors, numbers, months, days of the weeks, and shapes.

11 Family Wall Kids love a family wall where they can show off their pictures of their family. This also acts a security for the child.

12 Cleaning Supplies Cleaning supplies are so important in a classroom. Kids love to share their germs! Wet wipes, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, and disinfect spray for the toys. Make sure the disinfect spray is non toxic and kills all types of germs.

13 Safety is the number one priority when caring for children. At age 2 they are very curious. It is important to have your classroom child proof. The use of plug covers is very important. Do not have sharp items like scissors where the kids can reach them. Also, no glass items! SAFETY FIRST

14 Play. Laugh. Grow

15 Classroom Ideas

16 References and Resources Websites: Four Areas of Development: Preschool to School-Age content/uploads/2013/02/Four-Areas-of-Development-Preschool-to-School-Age-PPT.pdf content/uploads/2013/02/Four-Areas-of-Development-Preschool-to-School-Age-PPT.pdf Fun A Day – Images

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