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7526A Precision Temperature/Pressure Process Calibrator

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1 7526A Precision Temperature/Pressure Process Calibrator

2 Introducing the 7526A Precision Process Calibrator
Value proposition Typical applications Key features & benefits Product overview Product features Summary specs Options & accessories A “best fit” for process instrumentation calibration

3 7526A Value Proposition Balances precision and versatility with cost The 7526A is less expensive than high-end multi-product calibrators, yet more precise and versatile than handheld field calibrators Calibrates wide ranging workload 7526A The 7526A meets the needs of labs that cannot fund higher priced instruments while providing the precision required to get the job done More precise than handheld process calibrators Less expensive than high-end multi-product calibrators like the Fluke 5080 ($13k) Poor man’s calibrator Versatility, precision & value The 7526A offers an isolated measurement channel allowing it to precisely, and simultaneously, source and measure temperature & electrical parameters. Pressure measurement can be viewed in both displays in different units of measure.

4 Typical Applications Industry Applications Calibration workload
Pharmaceutical/ Bio-tech Monitor temp/pressure process, monitor freezers/ovens/incubators, freeze-drying, SIP Temp/pressure transmitter, pressure gauges, handheld calibrator, temp readout, chart recorder Food Monitor process temp, food dryers, monitor cold storage, monitor refrigeration equipment, SIP Temp/pressure transmitter, temp readout, limit alarm, PID controller Oil & Gas Monitor pipeline provers, custody transfer Temp/pressure transmitter, pressure gauges, flow transmitter Chemicals Monitor temp/pressure reaction conditions, refrigeration, boilers Temp/pressure transmitter, limit alarms, pressure gauges Electronic Equipment Manufacturer Manufacturing electronic devices Automatic test station 3rd Party Calibration Lab Service industries listed above All of the above Same customers that would purchase the 914X Benchtop rather than field

5 7526A Key Features & Benefits
Improved thermocouple accuracy Can calibrate Documenting Process Calibrators (2:1 TUR) and nearly all handheld temperature & pressure calibrators Switch test (unique to 7526A) Increased workload. Not every temperature source, such as a drywell, includes a switch-hold function. Pressure sources do not. Simultaneous source and measure Calibrate more DUTs in less time. See results of an adjustment immediately. MET/CAL® Calibration Software compatible Write automated procedures, create reports. Value Costs less than a DPC, highly versatile, precise but competitively priced.

6 7526A Product Overview Precision Temperature/Pressure
Process Calibrator Sources and measures: Thermocouples (13 types) RTDs (9 types) Thermistors (YSI-400) Voltage (0 to 100 Vdc) Resistance (0 Ω to 4 kΩ) Current (100 mA output / 50 mA input) Measure only: Pressure (0 to 700 bar / 10,000 psi) Used to calibrate temp/pressure transmitters Transmitters primarily used in process industries such as pharma, bio-tech, food, chem, petrol, etc. Sources and measures TC, RTD, voltage, resistance, current Measures pressure when combined with a pressure module or transmitter

7 7526A Product Overview (Left Half)
DC voltage output terminals 0 Vdc to 100 Vdc Accuracy: 30 ppm (+3 μV) DC current output terminals 0 mA to 100 mA Accuracy: 50 ppm RTD/Ω output terminals (two-wire) 5 Ω to 4 kΩ, Accuracy: ± 0.05 ºC, –200 to 630 ºC Terminal binding posts are made of a special copper alloy to decrease thermal EMFs. Discreet wires or standard banana plugs can be used. The HI/LO pairs are distanced for standard dual banana plugs Four-wire RTD/Ω input terminals Accuracy: ±0.02 ºC Pt 385, 100 Ω, –80 to 100 ºC Isolated pressure module input Accepts Fluke 700 & 525A series pressure modules Thermocouple input/output terminal Accuracy: ± 0.1 ºC –100 to 800 ºC (type K)

8 7526A Product Overview (Right Half)
Isolated input controls dc voltage/current Switch test mode 24 Vdc power supply 250 Ω HART resistor Pressure input mode Numeric and secondary function keys Cursor controls Input/Output Function Keys dc voltage/current TC/RTD Pressure mode Unit type Stby/Operate Isolated input terminals Allows simultaneous source and measure dc voltage (0 to 100 V) dc current measurement (0 to 50 mA) Switch-test input 24 V dc loop power supply

9 7526A Product Overview (Rear Panel)
Power line voltage selector and fuse compartment Power switch 1) Serial to USB adapter cable included as std RS-232 Port GPIB IEEE-488 Service port Chassis ground AC power inlet 120/240 AC

10 7526A Product Features STBY/OPR
In Standby mode, changes to the output value are not applied until you select the Operate mode In Operate mode, each change to the output value is applied immediately Voltages more than 30 V are not applied. The mode automatically reverts to Standby for safety In Thermocouple mode, move through the thermocouple types (including millivolts) In RTD/Ohms mode, move through the RTD types (including ohms) In Pressure mode, move through the pressure units 1) STBY/OPR is a safety feature that prevents unwanted application of source voltage Select a secondary function from the numeric keypad

11 7526A Product Features HART Enables a 250 Ω internal resistor
Without the loop resistance in place, the DC power supply would “short out” the communicator’s AC voltage signal The presence of a loop resistor in the circuit prevents the DC power supply from “loading” the AC voltage signal by the communicator. Some minimum loop impedance is needed so that the HART signal can be ‘seen’ or ‘read’ by a HART master, like a HART communicator or HART modem. ∿↓ HART transmitter HART communicator 250 < R < 1100 Power supply Computer “HART” is an acronym for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer. Superimposes digital communication signals [frequency shift keying (FSK)] on top of the 4-20mA signal; does not interfere with the analog signal. Enables two-way field communication to take place. Additional information beyond the normal process variable (P.V.) is communicated to/from a smart field instrument. LOOP PWR Turns on an internal 24 Vdc power supply in series with the current measurement circuit Used to power 4 – 20 mA transmitters

12 7526A Product Features RTD and Ohms Measure/Source
Measures & Sources all common RTD types Stores CVD coefficients for up to five RTDs Stores coefficients for one SPRT (ITS-90) Resistance from 0 Ω to 4 kΩ. RTD types: Pt Ω, 200 Ω, 500 Ω, 1000 Ω Pt Ω Pt 3916 (JIS) 100 Ω Ni Ω Cu 427 (Minco) 10 Ω YSI 400 thermistor 1) Stores CVD coefficients for five unique RTDs

13 7526A Product Features Thermocouple (TC) Measure/Source
Measure & sources all common thermocouple types and basic millivolts from to 75.0 mV Thermocouple types: B, C, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, XK, BP Pressure Measure The isolated pressure display uses the same physical pressure connector as the primary display Both displays can show pressure at the same time The same source can be shown in different pressure units Can display pressure source in two different UoM

14 7526A Pressure Modules

15 7526A Product Features Preset setpoints
Nine preset output setpoints can be stored and recalled for each of these output modes: Voltage Current Each thermocouple type (including mV) Each RTD type (includes each of the five custom curves) Switch Test Mode When in Switch Test mode the Calibrator can sense a contact transition (closed or opened) At the time of the transition, the Calibrator records the value and units shown on the primary display 1) Switch test can test limit alarm switches

16 7526A Product Features Remote Interface
RS-232 or GPIB (IEEE-488) can control 7526A from a PC A serial to USB adapter cable is included as standard with the 7526A Individual commands can be typed into terminal emulator software MET/CAL compatible – write automated procedures and generate calibration reports 1) FSC (function select code) – describes instrument functions so that the instrument can be called out in Met/Cal procedures

17 7526A Workload Two-wire transmitters, calibrators, Pressure to Current converters, transducers, signal conditioners and temperature probes are all examples of the 7526A’s workload.

18 7526A Summary Specs

19 7526A Summary Specs (cont.)

20 Convert Spec in PPM to % Reading
Convert a spec in ppm to % error of reading

21 7526A Standard & Optional Equipment
Included in the box: 7526A Precision Process Calibrator Users Manual CD-ROM Getting Started AC Mains Cord Thermocouple Shorting Jumper NIST Traceable Calibration Report USB to Serial Adapter Cable Options and accessories: 5520A-525A Leads kit Y7526A Rack Mount kit Fluke 700 and 525A-P series pressure modules MET/CAL with 7526A Function Select Code (FSC) MET/CAL 7526A calibration procedure Optional accredited calibration

22 Questions ?

23 Appendix – P/I Transmitter
1) Display pressure in the left display, measure current loop in the right display

24 Appendix – I/P Transmitter

25 Appendix – V/I Transmitter

26 Appendix – RTD Transmitter

27 Appendix – TC Transmitter

28 Appendix – RTD Indicator

29 Appendix – Temperature Switch Test
1) 914X w/out process electronics

30 Appendix – Pressure Switch Test
1) Hand pump pressure source, switch test

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