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Nothing But The Truth By Avi

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1 Nothing But The Truth By Avi

2 Exposition

3 Philip Malloy is a ninth grader
Philip Malloy is a ninth grader. On March 13 one of the coaches come up to him and wants to know if Philip will be trying out for track team. “Said my middle school gym teacher told him I was really good!!!! Then he said that with me on the Harrison High team we have a real shot at being county champs. Fantastic!!!!!! He wouldn’t say that unless he meant it.”

4 Rising action(s)

5 On March 16 Philip finds he will be moving homeroom classes like everyone else, he is fine with this, until he finds that it is his lest favorite teacher, Miss Narwin.

6 “Got my term grades. Math an A. Awesome wicked. B- in biology
“Got my term grades. Math an A. Awesome wicked. B- in biology. That’s OK too. And I got a C in history, which is cool. All of that stuff is dead anyway. A straight B in health. But I got a D in English.” Philip doesn’t realize this now but the D in English cuts him off the track team.

7 On the first day Philip is in Miss Narwin’s homeroom (March 28) “The National Anthem” is played. “Please all rise and stand at respectful, silent attention for the playing of our national anthem… Miss Narwin: Is that someone humming? … Miss Narwin: I don’t’ know who that is, but you heard Dr. Doane request silence… Miss Narwin: is that you Philip? …Philip: Just humming Miss Narwin: Please stop it …Philip: Mr. Lunser doesn’t mind. ?I just- Miss Narwin: Stop it now. Philip: But- … Miss Narwin: Now! Thank you.” Philip will eventually get in a lot of trouble for humming.

8 Climax

9 On March 29th and 30th Philip is sent to the office for humming along to the anthem in homeroom. Since he is sent to the office two times in one week he is obligated for a two day suspension. (Friday and Monday)

10 Falling action(s)

11 That night after dinner Philip’s dad takes him to Ted Griffin's (who is running to get on the school board) to discuss the situation. When they get to Ted’s house they find that a reporter is interviewing Ted for the Manchester Record.

12 The report, Jennifer Stewart, summits the story, after getting some more information. On April 1st the story is published. The story is also talked about on a national radio station and goes over the whole U.S.A.

13 Letters are getting sent to the school, Philip, and Miss Narwin
Letters are getting sent to the school, Philip, and Miss Narwin. “To Margaret Narwin, These days there is so much talk about young people and education. It seems to me that people like you- who don’t believe in patriotism- cause the problems. You should find a better profession for your lock of ability. Linda Dorchester Ann Arbor, Michigan”

14 Philip gets back to to school and a lot of kids are mad at him for getting Miss Narwin in trouble and seeming like a bad person. “Allison: Philip! Philip: oh, hi. Allison: I just want you to know that I think what you did was really mean. Philip: What? Allison: Narwin is one of the best teachers. All the kids say so. It’s really embarrassing. Philip: What are you talking about? Allison: You were just doing that to annoy her. Philip: Who? Allison: miss Narwin. Everybody knows it. She’s so fair. Philip: That’s not true! Well if your not even going to listen …!

15 The school has changed Philip to a new homeroom and new English teacher but want to give Miss Narwin the rest of the year off. (two months) Miss Narwin after a little time of thinking about it decides to take it and visit her sister is Florida.

16 Resolution

17 With so much going on at school Philip decides to go to a new school to get away from everything that people are saying and them getting mad at him. It is kind of funny because at the end of the book Philip is at his new school and new homeroom and the book says this, “Miss Rooney:… we were about to begin. In fact, we usually begin by singing the national anthem. Would you like to lead us? … Philip what is it … Philip: I don’t know the words.” That is the last sentence in the book.

18   Nothing but the truth By: Avi PowerPoint by: Victoria Freeman
Pictures from: Google images Thanks for your time!!  

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