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Unit 5 Nelson Mandela — a modern hero 李晓琴. Unit 5 Nelson Mandela----a modern hero.

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1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela — a modern hero 李晓琴

2 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela----a modern hero

3 What words will we use to describe a person? Group work: Adjectives for describing a person: kind,honest, brave, loyal, happy, wise, smart, friendly, warm, cheerful, popular, generous, hard-working, diligent, weaks, stupid, lazy, dishonest, mean, tense, cold, unkind, miserable, dull, strong-mind, determind,etc

4 What qualities can we find in a great person? Can you name some great people? What are the qualities that great people have in common?


6 William Tyndale believed that the Bible should be able to be read by everyone. At that time Christianity was the religion of England but the Bible was only read and understand by priests and religious people. It was written in several different ancient languages and there was no version in English. William Tyndale made it his life’s work to translate the Bible into easily readable English for the people of his time. William Tyndale was put in prison and died for his ideas but his work was later used in the Bible.

7 Norman Bethune was a Canadian and also a communist. He had a very strong feeling against injustice. He was also a very important doctor in his own country who made many important changes to the way surgery was carried out. He fought against the German Nazis and Japanese invaders during World War II, and saved many Chinese soldiers. He died helping the Chinese army as a doctor.

8 Sun Yat-sen founded the first Republic in China in 1911 after many years’ fighting. He strongly believed in the three principles: nationalism; people’s rights; people’s livelihood.

9 Mahatma Gandhi gave up a rich life for his ideas and fought for his country to be free from the UK in a peaceful way.

10 Nelson Mandela fought for the black people and was in prison for thirty years. He helped the black people to get the same rights as white people.

11 Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. He was a pilot in the American Air Force and later joined the astronaut programme. He was chosen to be the first man to walk on the moon.

12 As a great person, Should he/she help others? Should he/she get on well with others? Should he/she be willing to do public service? Should he/she be active in society activities? Should he/she never lose heart when he/she is in great trouble?

13 What qualities make a great person? pay more time never give up intelligent Never lose heart when in great trouble do your best set up an aim get on well with others insist on what they pursue help others be active in society activities Be willing to do public service Warming up-III----discussion (2m)

14 As a great person, he/she should be determined, hard-working,unselfish and generous,he should follow his ideas and never lose heart when he is in trouble.He usually gives up something to achieve his goals, He should be willing to do public service work without pay,be active in social activities,get on well with others and help others,etc

15 What kind of person are you? Do you have the qualities to be a great person? Please finish the questionnaire on P33.

16 Who is your hero/heroine? Why do you admire him/her most? ? Warming up-I----sharing (1m)

17 What kind of writing is the text, can you guess?

18 What’s the connection between them? Pre-reading----prediction (1m)

19 Fast reading How many parts can the text be divided into? Give the general idea of each part. Part I Paragraph 1-2 The life of Elias’ life before he met Nelson Mandela. Paragraph 3-5 The change of Elias’ life after he met Nelson Mandela and what Mandela did. Part II Reading-I----fast reading (2m)

20 Pair work, discuss 1.How the ANC Youth League fights the government? 2.What can we learn from the text about Nelson Mandela?

21 Time zone: please find out what happened in Elias’ life in the following years? 1940: Elias was born. 1942: Elias was a two years old baby. 1944: Elias was four years old. 1946: Elias began school. 1948: Elias left school. 1950: Nelson Mandela opened his law firm. 1952: Elias was 12 and met Mandela. 1954: Elias was fourteen and encouraged by Mandela. 1940: 1942: 1944: 1946: 1948: 1950: 1952: 1954: Reading-II----skimming (2m)

22 1.Elias met Nelson Mandela at school. 2.Nelson Mandela was a black lawyer. 3.Elias was unable to read or write because he was lazy. 4.Nelson Mandela helped him keep his job. 5.Elias was happy blowing up government buildings. 6.Nelson Mandela believed that black people were being treated as well as white people in South Africa. 7.Nelson Mandela thought violence was a good way to help black people. 8.The government were happy with Nelson Mandela and the ANC. F T F T F F F F Detail Reading Reading-III----detailed reading (5m)

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