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Region 4 Winter E-Meeting 22 January 2011. What is Sections Congress IEEE Sections Congress, held every three years since 1984, provides IEEE Section.

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1 Region 4 Winter E-Meeting 22 January 2011

2 What is Sections Congress IEEE Sections Congress, held every three years since 1984, provides IEEE Section leadership opportunity to impact the future of IEEE. SC is the ideal place to network and share knowledge; SC provides a means to increase leadership skills and a working knowledge of IEEE; SC is a venue for expressing opinions and concerns through recommendations for action, which will be used by the IEEE Board of Directors to guide IEEE into the future. 2

3 When is Sections Congress IEEE Sections Congress will be held 19 - 22 August 2011, in San Francisco, California, USA. It will be held at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.San Francisco, California, USA San Francisco Marriott Marquis The Section meeting will be the 18 th ! 3

4 Core Track Training All attendees required to attend – held on Saturday morning Preliminary topics include: –Highlight what IEEE is about –Focus on the improving relationship at the local level between MGA (Section) and TAB (Technical Chapters) Specific schedule/topics to be finalized by 1 Dec 2010 Looking for candidates for Core motivational speech (see next page for recommendation) Looking for MGA concurrence on core training 4

5 Proposed Core training Saturday 8:00am - 11:30am 5 TimeTopic (Tentative Titles) 8:00am – 8:30amIEEE Orientation – What is IEEE? 8:30am – 9:00amMotivational Speaker (TBD) 9:00am – 10:00amBuilding Section/ Chapter/Society Relationships (Part 1) – MGA 10:00am – 10:30amBreak 10:30am – 11:30amBuilding Section/ Chapter/Society Relationships (Part 2) – TAB/Society

6 Draft Schedule – High Level Friday, 19 August –Opening Ceremony, MGA Awards Presentation, Dinner for all delegates –Mini-Maker Faire dessert reception Saturday, 20 August –Core Track (AM) and Breakout Sessions (PM) –IEEE Honors Ceremony Sunday, 21 August –Breakout Sessions –Evening - Optional Event – Computer History Museum Monday, 22 August –Voting/Results of Recommendations –Closing Ceremony 6

7 Draft Schedule (subject to change) StartEndEvent Friday 19-August-2011 7:00am5:00pmRegistration & Information 2:00pm3:30pmBreakout Speaker orientation 4:00pm5:00pmRegion Caucuses (10 Sessions) 5:30pm7:00pmOpening Ceremony, MGA Award Presentations 7:00pm10:00pmDinner and Entertainment Saturday 20-August-2011 7:00am5:00pmRegistration & Information 6:30am8:00amBreakfast (Delegates & Partners) 8:00am8:30pmIEEE Orientation - what is IEEE (Tentative title) 8:30am9:00amMotivational Speaker (Title TBD) 9:00am10:00am Building Section/Chapter/Society Relationships - part 1 (Tentative title) 10:00am10:30amBreak 10:30am11:30am Building Section/Chapter/Society Relationships - part 2 (Tentative title) 11:30am1:00pmLunch and view of exhibits 1:00pm2:15pm Break Out Session 1 (up to 10 concurrent sessions being held) 2:15pm2:45pmBreak 2:45pm4:00pm Breakout Session 2 (up to 10 concurrent sessions being held) 4:00pm5:00pmExhibits & meet the speakers 6:00pm7:15pmIEEE Honors Ceremony 8:00pm10:00pmIEEE Honors Ceremony Dinner StartEndEvent Sunday 21-August-2011 7:00am5:00pmRegistration & Information 6:30am8:00amBreakfast (Delegates & Partners) 8:00am9:15am Breakout Session 3 (up to 10 concurrent sessions being held) 9:15am10:45amIdea Networking Session/Break 10:45am12:00n Breakout Session 4 (up to 10 concurrent sessions being held) 12:00n1:30pmLunch 1:30pm2:45pm Breakout Session 5 (up to 10 concurrent sessions being held) 2:45pm3:15pmBreak 3:15pm4:30pm Discussion of Issues (could be moved up) 4:30pm 9:00pm Visit to the Computer History Museum – Optional event (Not included in registration fee – sponsored event) Monday 22-August-2011 7:00am12:00nRegistration & Information 6:30am8:00amBreakfast (Delegates & Partners) 8:00am8:45amPresentation - IEEE President - TBD 8:45am9:15amVote on Recommendations 9:15am10:00amClosing Ceremony Speaker 10:00am10:30amBreak 10:3011:15Presentation on Voting Results 11:1512:00Wrap Up, Invitation to SC'14 7

8 Recommendations

9 Sections Congress 2011 Recommendation Process 1. Each Region may submit up to 4 recommendations using the SC2011 Recommendation template. 2. Each recommendation should be unique and not a repeat of an issue from a previous Sections Congress. 3. Recommendations to be submitted no later than 15 May 2011. 4. The recommendations will be reviewed by the MGA Operations Committee. The MGA Operations Committee, after consultation with the submitters may combine similar recommendations and/or recommend clarifying language. 5. Back up material concerning the issue addressed in the recommendation will be coordinated prior to Sections Congress. All recommendations & back up information will be distributed to SC2011 attendees by 1 August 2011. 9

10 10 SC2011 Proposed Recommendation Region: Recommendation (no more than 50 words): Why is this recommendation being submitted? (no more than 150 words): MGA Goal/Strategy/Other goal Supported: Identified measures of success (i.e. What does it take to consider this recommendation achieved?): Was this topic/issue included as a recommendation from a previous Sections Congress? Contact for additional information and Submission Date: Proposed Champion for this recommendation (i.e. person who will follow up, agree to work with MGA Board in achieving this recommendation)

11 Poster Session

12 New to SC11 – poster sessions We are soliciting ideas for posters to be of topics of interest to the membership in the theme of SC11 and other potential themes/examples: –Effective collaboration between section, society and Chapters –Humanitarian projects –Effective collaboration project between IEEE OUs. Call for poster abstract due 15 January 2011 Decisions on which posters (limited to 32) by 15 March 2011 12

13 Funding 1- The Region will fund 80% of reasonable expenses for Sections Congress 2011 attendance for a single section or subsection representative provided the SC-2011 attendee registers with IEEE for the Congress by the deadline and participates in the Region meetings at SC-2011. 2- The Region will pay an additional 10% of reasonable expenses as a bonus if the section or subsection participates in the Saturday, January 22, 2011 Region 4 web based meeting. 3- The Region will pay an additional 10% of reasonable expenses as a bonus if the section or subsection meets all IEEE reporting requirements by the IEEE bonus deadline of Friday, February 18, 2011. 13

14 Funding - Thus it is possible (and easy) for a section to fund 100% of their primary delegate expense for SC-2011 (IEEE pays for the registration fee for a section and the region for a subsection). Reasonable Expense is defined in the Region 4 travel policy on the Region 4 web site. 14

15 Budgeting for 2 nd Delegates Registration=> $450 Air Fare=> $425 (Average) Transportation=> $125 (Average) Accommodation Thu=> 261 Accommodation Fri, Sat, Sun=> $783 Food - Thu Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner=> $50 Food - Fri Breakfast,Lunch=> $40 Total - $2134 (Average) 15

16 Action Items Action Items – Name of Primary Delegate - ASAP Name of any secondary delegates – When Known Any Poster submissions from the region – Abstracts NOW – March 15 Deadline Recommendations – April 30 to Region to Review 16

17 Questions Contact Bill Serre – Website - es/sections_congress/2011/DF_IEEE_MIG_MCT_100637 es/sections_congress/2011/DF_IEEE_MIG_MCT_100637 17

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