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Living In Africa South of the Sahara

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1 Living In Africa South of the Sahara
Ch 22.1 Living In Africa South of the Sahara

2 Agriculture Colonial Legacy used as resource for raw materials
countries only grew one crop cacao, coffee, rubber, oil,


4 Agriculture Farming Methods commercial farming – business
75% world’s palm oil 80% world’s peanuts 75% world’s cacao 66% world’s sisal – rope

5 Agriculture subsistence farming – farm to live
shifting farming – move to find better soil sedentary farming – permanent settlement

6 Agriculture Problems lack technology to increase food production
lack money to improve farm machinery or buy fertilizer.

7 Forests and Seas Forest cover 25% of Africa
teak, ebony, walnut, rosewood Lumber industry hurt by poor transportation and lack of capital coastal countries with rainforests export less than 10% of world’s supply


9 Forests and Seas Commercial fishing developed slowly – mainly SW
tuna, sardines, anchovies, mackerel

10 Mining South Africa has most minerals
Gold deposit 300 mi. long – Transvaal – 1/2 the worlds known gold reserve Leading producer of gem diamonds, platinum, chromium, vanadium, manganese One of richest nations in region – GDP $215 billion most goes to outside investors or owners.


12 Mining S. Africa continued Guinea – bauxite reserve
Gap in household income between Blacks and Whites – B = $3,614 W = 21,707 Guinea – bauxite reserve Congo – diamonds, and copper Nigeria – huge oil, OPEC member


14 Manufacturing Small part of economy
Many raw material but few processing centers Late 1990’s only 15% of regions GDP from manufacturing – varies depending on country Obstacles – lack of capital, political turmoil, lack of skilled workers or transportation.

15 Manufacturing Hydroelectricity remains untapped
leads to poverty Regional trading association – Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)


17 Transportation and Communication
Efforts to create not been successful few paved roads few phones more radios Train and airplane are most successful method


19 Railroad Kenya National Railroad – Nairobi to coastal cities
built by British allowed hauling of raw material to port other railroads followed


21 Improving transportation
Wars and lack of funds have caused a decline in highways and railways regions size and unfavorable terrain made difficult to find new routes few harbors and navigable rivers government owned airlines have international and domestic service Intl. airports – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Nairobi, Kenya, Johannesburg, South Africa, Dakar, Senegal

22 OIL pipelines in Tanzania, Zambia, Sudan, South Africa, and Nigeria


24 Railroads – Great Uhuru Railroad – Congo to Tanzania
overland routes stopped by war or lack of funds

25 D.R. Congo

26 Mass Communication lack of newsprint, low literacy rate
telephone service is limited Chad 1-1,209, Kenya 1-111 most effective is radio Chad 1-4, Kenya 1-11 T.V. – rerun American shows, urban areas, educational tool.

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