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Local Evaluation Overview and Preliminary Findings Diane Schilder, EdD.

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1 Local Evaluation Overview and Preliminary Findings Diane Schilder, EdD

2 Overview of Evaluation Purpose of the evaluation: Document impact of project on teachers and students. –Note: Evaluation is focused on the project and not individual teachers or students Collect and report data about project activities so leaders can improve activities. Report findings to State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, TRITEC and participating districts.

3 Evaluation Plan Methods: Participate in regular project-related meetings and events Survey participating and comparison teachers Assessments of teacher content knowledge and pedagogical approaches (pre and post) Observations of a sample of teachers’ classrooms and of project activities Assessments of students in classrooms of participating and comparison students

4 Confidence Using Technology for Teaching and Learning Increased


6 Pedagogical Techniques Changed

7 Content Knowledge Increased

8 Positive Impact Reported

9 Increase in biology content knowledge I loved learning about cells and genetics at a deeper level. I was challenged to learn the latest in the field of biology. Increase in knowledge of Web 2.0 I gained the ability to use technology in a way that I am comfortable and confident From the class I now have a greater understanding of how to develop a website and wiki activities I liked seeing the different Web 2.0 tools that are available to use in the classroom. My favorites were the Quizlet and Zoho Challenge sites that I learned about. Improvements in teaching students biology content using technology I loved learning about how to become a better science teacher through the use of technology. The on-line workshops were time consuming, but I learned a lot from them. I know my students would do the same and it provides a great way to differentiate the learning because students can learn using different strategies and at their own pace.

10 Suggestions Offer online workshop simultaneously with content coursework. Provide hands on workshop for teachers learning Web 2.0. Provide teachers opportunities to share ideas about hands on activities.

11 Next Steps Continue to observe sample of classrooms. Analyze data and submit reports to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Provide formative feedback to project leaders to inform improvements in subsequent courses.

12 Your Next Steps Contact me at or 617-816-2026 to schedule Send me an example lesson plan PRIOR to your participation so I can compare with lesson you developed for the course. Share student assessment data with me by sending summary by email or sending to me at: Diane Schilder EAS, Inc. 1 Mifflin Place, Suite 400 Cambridge, MA 02138 Notify the TLCD’s of the date and time you will be implementing your lesson.

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