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College2Career, No Wrong Door North Shore Community College Danvers/Lynn, Massachusetts.

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1 College2Career, No Wrong Door North Shore Community College Danvers/Lynn, Massachusetts

2 Breaking Through Initiative Accelerated learning Comprehensive support services (Achievement Coaches) Labor market payoffs Aligning programs for low skilled adults

3 FIPSE Grant Achievement Coaches from the career field Intrusive advising Career oriented cohorts Contextualize developmental Reading/Writing Blended learning Math proficiency addressed

4 “This grant is not about tinkering, it’s about transformation. This is not about getting more students to enroll, it’s about getting more students to graduation day and into good jobs.” - Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education

5 MA TAACCCT Grant $20,000,000 over three years to support capacity- building, systemic changes (not tuition/fees) Target population are unemployed and underemployed adult workers Goal is to enroll 4,000 students and place 2,800 in employment over three years 15 colleges committed to statewide project with local implementation

6 Goals Structural, systemic change: Redesign programs and services to accelerate attainment of certificates, degrees and employment for low-skilled unemployed and under-employed Massachusetts residents Student attainment and jobs: Enroll and track the progress of 4,000 students through certificate/degree attainment and jobs

7 Target Industries Health Care (North Shore) Advanced Manufacturing (North Shore) Information Technologies Life Sciences & Biotechnology Clean/Sustainable Energy Financial Services & Entrepreneurship

8 Entry Points Admissions Testing and Assessment Advising Transition Programs Student Services Registration Career Center Veteran’s Services Community Based Organizations Financial Aid

9 College and Career Navigator Fostering collaboration

10 Primary Goals Bridge the systems Increase accessibility to college for career center customers Recruit and support people enrolling in college programs

11 College and Career Navigators are a Critical Link

12 Onboarding & Integration Define role of the Navigator Learn key services and systems Build relationships with staff Establish referral process Combine strengths Strengthen existing linkages Explore new opportunities

13 Customer Path Assess professional and educational history Guide research on career pathways “Career Maps” Engage in problem solving to minimize barriers to facilitate college enrollment process Access to services including financial aid, tutoring, College2Career or advising “Warm handoff” Combine support services to ensure successful completion of education “Intrusive counseling”

14 Best Practices Internal and External Communication Pooling of talent and expertise Deliver culturally sensitive services Local solutions for local problems Branding Clearing the Pathway Workforce Investment Act funding Unemployment Insurance/Section 30 Admissions and Financial Aid Life balance, help-seekers and self-advocate

15 Challenges Preferred Training Vendor Data Management Training Options Workshop Set Performance Standards Communication/ Culture Unemployment Insurance Online Reduction in Foot Traffic

16 Sustainability Labor Market Responsiveness Identify and access local employment opportunities Apply systemic changes that lead more quickly to college credential and employment Deliver accelerated, industry focused programming Strategic Planning Ongoing communication and reporting Cross-training Opportunities Work Teams Additional funding sources

17 Alphabet Soup Ingredients leading to success at North Shore Community College JFF (Jobs for the Future) BTI (Breaking Through Initiative) NCWE (National Council on Workforce Education FIPSE (Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education) DOL (Department of Labor) TAACCT (Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training) MCCWDTA (Massachusetts Community College Workforce Development Transformation Agenda)

18 Questions Maureen S. O'Neill, Ph.D. Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs North Shore Community College Kelly A. Sullivan, J.D. Director, USDOL, Workforce Development Transformation Agenda North Shore Community College Lorin Buksa, MSM, M.Ed. College2Career Navigator

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