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Things that are already Genetically Modified or Engineered.

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1 Things that are already Genetically Modified or Engineered


3 It’s Going Global

4 Countries doing GM to animals  Canada  Eviropigs – produce 60% less phosphorus in their feces then regular pigs.  Panama  United States  China

5 The Past and Future of your Food

6 It’s already happening…  Used to be all organic and “home grown”  Plants have been genetically modified.  Salmon is already genetically modified.  They are on the bring of genetically modified chickens.  They are starting small and going bigger  Soon it will be pigs, cattle, lambs, goats, and other large animals.

7 You are already eating genetically modified animals without realizing it.  We already use genetically modified feeds to feed the animals we eat.  The feeds make them gain more weight in less time, which gives us more meat in less time.  What’s the difference between feeding them genetically modified feed and having them genetically modified?

8 Controversy With Genetically Engineered or Modified Animals

9 For  More for Less  You are getting more product for less money  Can be “home grown”  Produced in the United States  There isn’t a difference.  It is better for the animal. Against  It sounds bad.  I don’t want something that glows  All Natural is better  Restaurants and grocers won’t sell it if people won’t buy it.  It could affect human genes.

10 For  Scientist are able to study genes  Possible cure for genetic diseases  Replacement organs Against  Stem Cell Research  Cloning  Possible disruption of the ecosystem  Are they FDA approved?

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