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Look at the following pictures and comment:.

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1 Look at the following pictures and comment:




5 What does “genetically modified” food mean?

6 A genetically modified food is a food product developed from a different genetically modified organism (GMO) such as a crop plant, animal or genetically modified organism Genetically modified foods produced by genetic engineering have been available since the 1990s. The principal ingredients of GM foods derived from plants are soybean, maize, canola and cottonseed oil.genetic engineering From Wikipedia

7 When scientists change the DNA of a plant, like a fruit tree for example, they are genetically changing, or modifying, its structure. Genetically modified plants are stronger and healthier. Their fruits are bigger and farmers don’t have to use pesticides.

8 Common genetically engineered foods soycanola flax tomatoes sugar beet

9 corn papaya radicchio cotton

10 Now, in groups of four, think about some questions you would like to ask about this topic: GMfood (genetically modified food)

11 1. What are the definitions/characteristics of "genetically modified," "organic" farming, "traditional" farming? 2. What are the areas of greatest practical promise or danger for genetically modified foods (GMF) in the next 5 years? 20 years? 3. What are the environmental advantages, disadvantages, of GMF? 4. What are the health advantages, disadvantages, of GMF? 5. What are the economic advantages, disadvantages, of GMF? 6. Who benefits from the products of GMF? In what way? Who has most to lose from GMF? In what way?

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