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Special days in Great Britain. Some key vocabulary Traditions Customs Celebration Festival.

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1 Special days in Great Britain

2 Some key vocabulary Traditions Customs Celebration Festival

3 Bonfire Night 5 th November

4 Bonfire Night On 5 th November 1605 some men tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament

5 Bonfire Night The most famous man was called Guy Fawkes All the men were captured and tortured The top signature is Guy Fawkes’ before torture...... and after...

6 Bonfire Night

7 Nowadays people put a model, or an “effigy,” of Guy Fawkes on a bonfire and burn it. Children make their “Guy” out of paper and old clothes and put it in a wheelbarrow. They take it to their neighbours and say, “Penny for the guy.” They then use the money to buy fireworks.

8 Bonfire Night At these parties people eat special, warming food, such as jacket potatoes and toffee apples

9 People often say this rhyme: Remember, remember, the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot, I know no reason Why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot

10 Remembrance Day

11 It is celebrated on 11 th November On this day we remember all those who have been killed in wars The First World War ended at 11am on 11 th November 1918 At this time everyone is silent for two minutes Everyone in Britain wears a red poppy as a sign of their support

12 Remembrance Day On 11 th November there is a special event in the Royal Albert Hall The Royal Family attend the service At the end a piece of music called “The Last Post” is played and poppy petals are dropped from the ceiling – one petal for each person killed in wars since 1914

13 Burns Night 25 th January Robert Burns was a Scottish poet On this day, people attend “ceilidhs” (a type of dance) and sing “Auld Lang Syne,” which is also sung on New Years’ Eve

14 Burns Night People eat Scottish food, such as haggis Haggis is the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep, mixed with onion and cooked in the sheep’s stomach When the haggis is brought in, people recite a poem by Robert Burns

15 Valentine’s Day 14 th February

16 Valentine’s Day On this day boyfriends and girlfriends give each other a greeting card with loving words Boys buy red roses and chocolate for their girlfriends Around one billion cards are sent every year

17 April Fool’s Day 1 st April

18 April Fool’s Day This is a day of jokes, tricks, and funny things! In Britain the jokes end at midday. Here are some untrue stories told on this day: “Big Ben’s clock will go digital” “The Leaning Tower of Pisa has fallen over” “Spaghetti grows on trees”

19 May Day 1 st May

20 May Day May Day used to mark the beginning of the summer Traditional customs include Maypole dancing and the crowning of the May Queen

21 May Day In Oxford students go to Magdalen College to hear the choir sing It’s very beautiful, but you have to get up very early... They start singing at 6am! Sometimes students jump off Magdalen Bridge into the river, which is very dangerous


23 Saints Days

24 St. George’s Day St George is the patron saint of England It is celebrated on 23 rd April St George is famous for fighting a dragon The hymn “Jerusalem” is sung in churches on this day People sometimes wear a red rose

25 St Patrick’s Day St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland It is celebrated on 17 th March People wear green clothes, eat Irish food and go to big processions It is also a very popular festival in the USA People believe that he got rid of all snakes in Ireland

26 St David’s Day St David is the patron saint of Wales It is celebrated on 1 st March Welsh people often eat “cawl,” a type of meat stew They also wear either a daffodil or a leek

27 St. Andrew’s Day St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland It is celebrated on 30 th November People sometimes wear a thistle

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