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Congenital Heart Disease Emad Al Khatib, RN,MSN,CNS.

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1 Congenital Heart Disease Emad Al Khatib, RN,MSN,CNS

2 1. Classification of Congenital Heart Disease. 2. A cyanotic Heart Disease a. Increase pulmonary blood flow b. Obstruction of blood flow 3. Cyanotic Heart disease a. Decrease pulmonary blood flow b. Mixed blood flow.


4 A Cyanotic Heart Defect Move blood from arterial …to…venous system A Cyanotic Increased in pulmonary blood flow 1. ASD 2. VSD 3. AVC 4. PDA Obstruction of blood flow form ventricle 1.Pulmonary stenosis 2.Aortic stenosis 3.Coarctation of the Aorta

5 Defect with increased pulmonary blood flow 1. VSD (ventricular septal defect ) 2. ASD (Atrial septal defect ) 3. AVC (Atrioventricular canal defect ) 4. PDA ( patent ductus arteriosus)

6 VSD (ventricular septal defect ) VSD …30% of CHD 85% spontaneous closed *Assessment. (4 to 8 week of age ) fatigue…murmur…thrill may be palpable.. Echo.ECG, MRI,(RT ventricle hypertrophy ) Treatment … cardiac catheterization.. Surgery


8 ASD (blood flow from left to right atrium) Tow type.. 1. Ostium primum ( lower end of the septum ) 2. Ostium secundum( center of the septum ) **Assessment...systolic murmur enlarged RT side of the heart..increased in pulmonary circulation…Echo. **Management …cath repaired, or open heart surgery (1 to 3 years) **Complication..arrhythmias …emboli



11 AVC ( Atrioventricular Canal Defect) Low a trial septal defect continuous with high ventricular defect and distortion of the mitral and tricuspid valve **Assessment …Echo …surgical is important some time need new valve **Treatment …after surgery give antibiotic and anticoagulant Closed observation to the jaundice


13 PDA ( Patent Ductus Arteriosus) it’s failed to closed at birth,blood will shunt from the aorta to the pulmonary artery. Complete closure occurs…3 month More common in girls than boys

14 **Assessment ….direct after cardiac catheterization **Treatment…in infant give IV or OR indomethacin(3time \12hr or 24hr) to lead to closed the ductus

15 Side effect… 1.reduce glomerular filtration rate. 2.Impaired plat aggregation 3.Demention GI&CNS blood flow

16 Treatment… Cath at age of (6m to 1y) or surgical intervention by Thoraoctomy If not treatment … 1. CHF 2. Infected Endocardities


18 Obstruction of blood flow form ventricle 1.Pulmonary stenosis 2.Aortic stenosis 3.Coarctation of the Aorta

19 pulmonary stenosis 10% Narrowing in pulmonary valve Assessment like RT side heart failure Systolic murmur…thrill ECG …Echo ( RT side hypertrophy ) Treatment Balloon angioplasty


21 Aortic stenosis 7% of total cases of CHD Increased pressure in the LF side of the heart (LV hypertrophy) Assessment… murmur,thrill,high BP, high HR. Treatment.. - Beta-blocker or ca channel blocker to decreased hypertrophy - Balloon valvoplasty


23 Coarctation of the Aorta 6% in boys more than in girls ** assessment high BP in upper body part in the arm 20mmhg more than leg, headache, vertigo, epistaxis. Treatment Digoxin & diuretic Surgical at the age of 2yrs



26 Cyanotic Heart Defect Cyanotic Decreased pulmonary blood flow Mixed blood flow


28 mixed blood flow 1. Transposition of the great Arteries 2. Total pulmonary venous return 3. Truncus Arteriosus 4. Hypo plastic left Heart Syndrome

29 Transposition of the great Arteries In boys more than girls *assessment …cyanotic from birth, murmur may or not,Echo, cath. *Treatment. PGE to keep PDA opining Surgical at 1week to 3months


31 Total Pulmonary venous return 2% Pulmonary vein return to the right atrium or the superior vena cava instead of the left atrium * Treatment Give PGE, cath, and surgical treatment


33 Truncus Arteriosus 1% One major artery or (trunk) arises from the LF & RT ventricle in place of a separate Aorta & Pulmonary Artery with VSD. Assessment … Cyanosis Treatment … surgical at school age


35 Hypo plastic left Heart Syndrome *assessment of HLHS Infants may appear healthy at birth, but signs of HLHS soon become apparent after the ductus arteriosus closes. These signs include the following: Cyanosis (a blue skin, lips, fingernails and other areas of the body as a result of the lack of oxygen-rich blood to the body)

36 1.Heart murmurHeart murmur 2.Enlargement of the heart (as seen in an echocardiogram)Enlargement echocardiogram 3.Noticeably troubled breathing 4.Apparent weakness 5.Inability to feed normally 6.Cold extremities



39 Defect with Decreased pulmonary blood flow 1. Tricuspid Artesia 2. Tetrology of Fallot

40 Tricuspid Artesia Tricuspid valve closed no blood from RA to RV *if foramen ovale and PDA still open will maintain good O2 blood so you have to give PGE IV. If not sever cyanosis,tachycardia, dyspnea * Treatment Surgically


42 Tetrology of Fallot 10% 1.pulmonary stenosis 2.VSD *usually large* 3.dextra position (overriding of the Aorta ) 4.hypertrophy of the right ventricle.


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