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Grant Cleland - Chief Executive ASENZ CONFERENCE, September 2009.

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1 Grant Cleland - Chief Executive ASENZ CONFERENCE, September 2009

2 My Key Aims 1.To continue to increase the number of people we get into jobs and the length of time they are in these jobs. 2.To assist Workbridge to continue to grow and enhance our performance.

3 Every person with a disability has the same value as any other person and will contribute positively in the workplace. Mission To enable people with disabilities to participate and experience equal opportunities in the labour market. Values Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Privacy, Dignity, Cultural Diversity, Professionalism, Opportunity for all, Collaboration. Workbridge Vision

4 Workbridge Structure  Council  Board  Chief Executive  Senior Management Team  Centre Managers  Employment Consultants

5 Workbridge Council  The Council represent the disability community, Maori and Pacific communities and the business community.  The Council sets the mission, vision and values for Workbridge.  The Council appoints the Board. Workbridge Board  The Board includes people from the disability community, employers and business people.

6 Workbridge Profile Workbridge has:  106 Employment Consultants  12 Centre Managers  In 27 locations throughout New Zealand.

7 Workbridge Profile In 2008-09:  Workbridge staff placed 3977 people with a disability, injury or illness into jobs.  An additional 547 placements did not meet the strict contracting definition of a placement.  We exceeded contractual outcomes for the High Labour Market Support Group and Post Placement Support Hours.  We exceeded the contracted targets for both Maori and Pacific Peoples.

8 Future Planning

9 What are the key challenges and why? Are there any solutions to these challenges? What are the potential key opportunities for enhancing Workbridge? What is the one thing that would make a real difference to Workbridge? What are the things that we do well?

10 1.Look at how Workbridge can be even more responsive to regional needs. 2.Free up staff to network more - Pathfinder upgrade, more mobile, streamline support funds. 3.Develop a marketing strategy to encourage more employers to provide jobs. 4.Develop more Workbridge tools to build the capacity of disabled people to maintain employment. 5.Review the role of Council in the affairs of Workbridge with a view to strengthen this in keeping with good governance practice. Future Planning Ideas

11 Increasing Jobs According to Statistics NZ (2006): 1.The more qualified disabled people are the more likely they will get a job. 2.Young disabled people are almost twice as likely as young non-disabled people to leave school without a qualification. 3.Disabled people with a tertiary qualification are employed at about the same rate as non- disabled New Zealanders with no qualification.

12 Increasing Jobs 1.Re-package disability. 2.Continue to build alliances. 3.A public awareness campaign to promote inclusion. 4.More emphasis on developing academic potential and functional skills and overcoming barriers to learning support. 5.The development of a nationally recognised and consistent transition planning process for young disabled people. 6.Targets to significantly increase the numbers in the state and private sector - particular emphasis on overcoming barriers to recruitment and retention.

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