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By Jacob Matthews Social Studies Period 6 May 3, 2010.

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1 By Jacob Matthews Social Studies Period 6 May 3, 2010

2 Professional Careers Equal pursuit of happiness & marriage Education Going to College Athletic Scholarships Technology Household chores Woman’s sports on TV Medicine Lucretia Mott Pioneer of Woman’s Rights Woman in Military

3 Abolishing Slavery Lucretia Coffin Mott Born in 1793 to a Quaker Family in Nantucket Massachusetts Second of Seven Children At age 13 went to study in NY Became a teacher at this school where woman were getting paid far less than men Dedicated her life to woman’s issues and movement until her death in 1880 Upbringing and Family Religion Woman’s Rights 1793-1880

4 Lucretia Mott’s life timeline Born 1793 Nantucket Ma Goes to Nine Partners School in NY at age 13 After completing school Mott starts teaching at same school Religious Influence of Being a Quaker Felt Slavery was Evil and Needed to be Abolished Finds out male teachers make 3x more than woman Mott begins to speak about abolishing slavery 1848 Seneca Falls Convention 1850 writes book Discourse on Woman 1812 she Married James Mott Another teacher at the school They have six children One child dies at age 5

5 Lucretia Mott’s life timeline Continued Religious Influence of Being a Quaker Felt Slavery was Evil and Needed to be Abolished 1866 Helps Found Swarthmore College in PA 1866 Helped Establish the American Equal Rights Association 1867 American Equal Rights Association becomes active in Kansas and brings Slavery to a vote in that state Mott dies of pneumonia in 1880 at her home of Cheltenham, PA

6 Public Speaking and Being Politically Active New York City Boston

7 Swarthmore College Mott’s Legacy First American Equal Rights Association Book - Discourse on Woman

8 Famous quotes and teachings of Lecretia Motts Mott is respected for being a mother and being a reformer “she is proof it is possible for a woman to widen her sphere without abandoning it” Valiant Friend “In a true marriage relation the independence of the husband and the wife is equal, their dependence mutual, and their obligations reciprocal” Lecretia Mott First American Feminist “Good to be always zealously affected in a good thing” Lecretia Mott

9 Lucretia Mott Summary Mott’s changed society by pushing for woman’s rights Mott also helped abolish slavery through her efforts She was very effective in her efforts and recognized around the world, the United States Woman’s movement largely began with her This woman’s movement has helped woman’s rights throughout the world Her legacy lives on through her books, writings, organizations and schools she left behind. By: Jacob Matthews May 2010

10 Bibliography

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