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Research in Psychology

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1 Research in Psychology
A Scientific Endeavor

2 Goals of Psychological Research
Description of social behavior Establish a relationship between cause & effect Develop theories about why people behave the way that they do Application

3 Empirical Research We can never prove!! Empirical Theory
Knowledge based on direct observation Theory Set of ideas which try to explain what we observe Goal is to find support OR disprove We can never prove!!

4 The Process of Doing Research
First, select a topic Good theory: Has predictive power Is simple & straightforward Then, search the literature Have others tried this How can your experiment be different

5 The Process of Doing Research
Next, formulate hypotheses Hypothesis: specific statement of expectation derived from theory Variable: can be any event, characteristic, condition, or behavior

6 The Process of Doing Research
Then pick your research method Experiment (Design it) Field vs. laboratory (Setting) Finally, collect & analyze your data

7 Let’s take a closer look . . .at variables
Dependent variable (outcome variable) Dependent on the influence of other factor(s) Independent variable (predictor variable) Factor(s) that change the outcome variable Control group

8 Research methods Types include 1) Naturalistic observation
2) Case studies- interviews, questionnaires, and psychological tests. 3) Surveys

9 Lab: The Hypothetical Snack Bar

10 7 Rules of Conducting a Experiment in Psychology
Rule 1) Ask: Rule 2) Identify: Rule 3) Choose: Rule 4) Assign: Rule 5) Manipulate: Rule 6) Measure: Rule 7) Analyze:


12 Lab: The Hypothetical Snack Bar
1) Ask Question 2) Do background Research 3) Construct Hypothesis: Tell which soda will rate the best. Score on a scale of #1-6 4) Test Experiment: Desk Side: Diet Soda Door Side: Regular Soda Stop and wait when finished and wait for instructions to switch

13 Lab: The Hypothetical Snack Bar
5) Analyze Results and Draw Conclusions Graph Class Results 6) Hypothesis true or false….why? 7) Report Results

14 Analysis Questions Was the hypothesis proved or disproved?
What variables could of lead to inaccuracies with our results? Did you see any differences between the control group and the experiment group? What are the differences and what lead to these differences? Do you think our results reflect consumer sales for these products? What are other factors that lead differences in sales? What did you learn from this experiment?

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