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Good Afternoon Art 8 1.Catch-up on tickets 2.Don’t forget the new #5 3.GET OUT: Sketchbook Moodscapes packet.

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1 Good Afternoon Art 8 1.Catch-up on tickets 2.Don’t forget the new #5 3.GET OUT: Sketchbook Moodscapes packet

2 Ticket #4: What is Abstraction? Good Morning Art 8


4 Abstract Artists  Helen Frankenthaler  Paul Klee  Wassily Kandinsky  Joan Miro  Piet Mondrian  Henri Matisse  Frank Stella

5 Abstract Art  Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, color and line to create a composition which exists independently of visual references to the world.  Non-Objective Subject Matter

6 Abstract

7 Non-Objective

8 Helen Frankenthaler  Born: December 12, 1928  Nationality: American  Movements: Color Field Painting, Abstract Expressionism, Lyrical Abstraction  The Color Field artists set themselves apart from the Abstract Expressionists because they eliminated the emotional, mythic or the religious content and the highly personal and gestural and painterly application.  Style Characteristics: large areas of a more or less flat single color. Color Field painting is characterized primarily by large fields of flat, solid color, spread across or stained into the canvas

9 Helen Frankenthaler


11 Paul Klee Lived: 1879 - 1940 Nationality: Swiss Style Characteristics: His works reflect his dry humor and his sometimes child- like perspective, his personal moods and beliefs, and his musicality.

12 Paul Klee


14 Wassily Kandinsky  Lived: 1866-1944  Nationality: Russian  Credited with painting the first modern abstract works.  "music is the ultimate teacher,”  Style Characteristics: Illustrated music using geometric shapes, lines, and bright colors

15 Wassily Kandinsky

16 Wassily Kandinsky

17 Joan Miro  Lived:1893-1983  Nationality: Spanish  Joan Miro is known for his playful art. His emblematic images make a naive, childlike impression at first sight. In contrast to the image of his art, he was a solid, hard-working man who preferred to come to gallery exhibitions in dark business suits.  Style: Automatic Drawing  Characteristics: Uses formats of stripes, targets, simple geometric patterns and references to landscape imagery and to nature.

18 Joan Miro  Automatic Drawing: Developed by the surrealists, as a means of expressing the subconscious.  The hand is allowed to move 'randomly' across the paper. In applying chance and accident to mark-making, drawing is to a large extent freed of rational control.  The drawing produced may be attributed in part to the subconscious and may reveal something of the psyche, which would otherwise be repressed.

19 Joan Miro


21 Piet Mondrian  Birth name: Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan  Lived: 1872 - 1944  Nationality : Dutch  Style Characteristics : A precise mathematical grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the use of the three primary colors.

22 Piet Mondrian


24 Henri Matisse  Henri Matisse  Lived: 1869-1954  Nationality: French  From 1944 to the end of his life, he produced cut-paper collages called gouaches découpés.  He cut shapes from colored paper and pasted them onto fields of white.  These works, which achieve an ultimate blending of Matisse's vibrant color with the energetic flow of his line, are considered by many to be his best.

25 Henri Matisse

26 Matisse

27 Frank Stella  Born: May 12, 1936  Nationality: American  Movement: Modernism, Minimal Art, Abstract Expressionism, Geometric abstraction, Abstract Illusionism, Lyrical Abstraction, Hard-edge painting, Shaped canvas painting, Color field painting  1970s Stella's style underwent a dramatic change. The carefully constructed geometric designs executed in flat planes of color were replaced by a "looser" style sometimes reminiscent of graffiti

28 Frank Stella


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