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Awareness Building & Mobilization – The Frontliners.

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1 Awareness Building & Mobilization – The Frontliners

2 Why Awareness Building & Mobilization? Predominantly tribal population of Meghalaya. The fact that most of the youth are first generation school-goers It is necessary to enhance awareness amongst them about the need for education and vocational training, and the opportunities this will open up. The project therefore engaged an NGO with experience of conducting awareness and mobilization campaigns on skill development/ livelihood generation and education within Meghalaya and/or in similar states of India.

3 The project will help to establish a network with focal points at the district, block and village level as well as at SHS. Persuade Secondary & Higher Secondary students (boys & girls) to complete schooling with a focus on acquiring soft skills critical for employment. Develop campaign materials to reach out to the poor women and men amongst the major and minor tribal groups. Establish a network of community mobilizers based in the 11 DPCUs to create a strong link between the education and the skills development components of the Project, and tap the synergies to seek employment and self-employment. Engage this network of mobilizers to mobilize support at all levels to increase awareness of and participation in education and skills training programs. How will the project generate awareness

4 Conduct advocacy and social mobilization campaigns to enhance appreciation and understanding about the importance of education (especially, secondary and higher education) vocational training, and the various opportunities within and outside Meghalaya. Strengthen the capacity of the youth and rural communities in exploring productive ways of enhancing their livelihoods, setting up small enterprises using locally available resources, technology and knowledge. Follow a consultative and participatory process, Assist in fulfilling the targets laid down in the community participation plan, gender action plan and the indigenous peoples ‟ plan prepared under the ADB Project. Role of the NGO Through: Local human resources who speak the local tribal languages and are aware of the sensitivity and needs of the various tribal groups of Meghalaya.

5 The Most Important Human Resource as far as effective reach-out is considered. Designated as District Community Mobilizer. Local youth representing the various tribes of Meghalaya. “Frontline” staff in all the 11 districts of Meghalaya Work in close coordination with the DPCUs Half to focus on education related activities Half will focus on skill development and livelihood related activities Some to focus on the 5 Garo Hills districts while the remaining will focus on the Khasi Hills districts, Ribhoi, and Jaintia The Frontliners

6 Disseminate the campaign material in the districts Engage with the secondary and higher secondary students, patents, teachers, SMC Engage with tribal youth who are interested in or undergoing skills training. Advise them about the relevant skills training programs and other opportunities being offered under the ADB Project and other government-funded development programs. Help in accessing credit and applying for other benefits which are offered under various development programs of the government so that the youth who receive skills training are able to set up small businesses and enhance their livelihoods. Roles & Responsibilities

7 Who is Where? 1. West Jaintia Hills - Ms.Caroleena Nanghuloo 2. East Jaintia Hills- Mr.Tiplem Pothmi 3. South West Khasi Hills - Ms. Uverleene Kharlyngdoh 4. West Khasi Hills - Mr.Kitkupar Pdaseij 5. East Khasi Hills - Ms.Sylvia Shadap Massar 6. Ri Bhoi - Mr.Kiewdor Jitem 7. North Garo Hills - Mr. Silgrak S. Sangma 8. East Garo Hills - Mr. Mikehenchard Ch. Momin 9. West Garo Hills - Mr.Chusrang R.Sangma 10. South West Garo Hills - Mr. Fredrick S. Sangma 11. South Garo Hills - Mr. Bappi R.Marak


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