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BANGLADESH Land size - 144,121 sq km Population-150,000,000 ( appx) Number of police-124,170 Police Population Ratio-1:1210.

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1 BANGLADESH Land size - 144,121 sq km Population-150,000,000 ( appx) Number of police-124,170 Police Population Ratio-1:1210

2 Bangladesh Land: 144,121 Sq KM Population: 150,000,000


4 VISION STATEMENT Strategic Plan 2008-10 – Bangladesh Police By the year 2010 we envisage a safer and more secure society. The focus will be on: A partnership approach to policing Increased Community Involvement Capacity Building of police units for better service delivery A reduction in the incidence, effect and fear of crime

5 Crime Prevention Strategy New approach, requiring wider responsibility for crime prevention Includes crime pattern analysis and targeted response Multi sector Implementation framework

6 Why work on community safety issues? Communities are feeling unsafe Insecurity can lead to violent conflicts Existing security/safety by the authorities do not always reflect community priorities Communities are not included in planning and decision-making Security agencies are poorly resourced and need community support

7 Crime Analysis Symptoms Problems Solutions What are the ‘Symptoms’ Eve teasing Drugs Muggings What are the ‘Problems’ Poverty Lack of proper education Shortage of land Lack of effective police patrols What are the ‘Solutions’ Awareness Programs in schools Identify victims and work with them Community Policing Forum Committee develops a specific plan Increased police visibility

8 General Crime Prevention Strategies Target hardening Improved lighting and visibility Design of public spaces Crime prevention through Environmental design

9 General Crime Prevention Strategies Police in School programs Police youth liaison Community survey Community surveillance Recreation facilities Employment programs

10 Specific Strategies Prevention of Anti-social behavior by young people School based projects and services After school clubs and healthy playgrounds Strengthen families Mobilization of Religion and Faith based organization

11 Specific Strategies Prevention of violence including domestic and family violence Analysis the role of alcohol and drugs Awareness program to stop violence Personal safety programs Role models Anti bullying strategy in schools Media campaign Access control

12 Specific Strategies Prevention of burglaries and theft Increase surveillance opportunities Publicize surveillance opportunities Property identification Restrict potential resale sites Increase risk of arrest Preventing motor vehicle theft Motor vehicle related activities Theft surveillance programs

13 Specific Strategies Prevention of drugs and alcohols School education policies and programs Awareness programs/ campaigns Parents and community awareness Rehabilitation programs

14 Local Police Police Headquarters Government Legislation Direction Policy Personnel Training Development of pro-active programs/strategies Development of pro-active programs/strategies Safer community Inter-ministerial co-ordination Co-ordination of I/NGO inputs Funding Supervision Monitoring & Evaluation Implement strategies with the community Communityforums/ Committees Communityforums/ Committees Community Policing Framework Crime Prevention & Community Policing Framework Government agencies Local Government Community partners N.G.O’s ’s

15 Partnerships and Community Mobilization

16 Community Policing Education Program

17 Working with the community to... Identify main issues (symptoms) impacting on their local community Identify the underlying causes (problems) Develop the capacity to implement initiatives or strategies to eliminate the issue (solutions) Develop programmes to strengthen their communities

18 Working with the community to... Support families, women and children Target priority offences Reduce repeat victimisation and repeat offenders Monitor and evaluate

19 All human beings have the right to live in a safe and just society Governments and their Ministries are accountable and responsible to the people to provide this The best results can be achieved by using Government Departments to assume responsibility and take action to reduce crime, such as the Bangladesh Police has done with its Community Policing Strategy Thank you

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