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Psychiatric/Psychological Services for Medical Chart Review and Evaluation Request for Proposal 13-12 Pre-Proposal Information Session November 14, 2012.

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1 Psychiatric/Psychological Services for Medical Chart Review and Evaluation Request for Proposal 13-12 Pre-Proposal Information Session November 14, 2012 9:30PM Christina Warren, Indiana Department of Administration

2 Agenda General Information Purpose & Scope of RFP -Key Dates Proposal Preparation & Evaluation -Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Question and Answer Session

3 General Information Sign-In Sheet for Attendees Sign-In Sheet and PowerPoint will be posted on State’s Solicitation Website Hold questions until the end of the presentation Any questions answered verbally today are not official and should be submitted in writing if it will affect your proposal response All questions must be submitted in writing by 3:00PM EST on November 19, 2012

4 Purpose of the RFP The purpose of this RFP is to select a vendor that can satisfy the State’s need for psychiatric and/or psychological services to review and evaluate computer and/or paper disability claims in which a mental impairment is alleged. Psychiatrists and/or psychologists will review claims and provide advice as to the severity of the impairment or advise if additional medical evidence is needed in order to make a decision.

5 Scope of the RFP During FFY2012, the Disability Determination Bureau (DDB) processed 117,285 disability claims of which approximately 66% of them had psych involvement (approximately 77,260 cases). DDB expects to process approximately 117,000 cases during FFY 2013. SSA establishes and monitors DDB’s performance based upon goals for timely and accurate processing of incoming disability claims (65 days or less for all examiner and consultant actions and medical development).

6 Mandatory Requirements Time Commitment –Located at 2525 N. Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN –Minimum 4 hours per day, 3 days per week Licensure –Provide copy of each evaluator’s license to practice medicine in the State of Indiana Curriculum Vitae –Provide a copy of each evaluator’s curriculum vitae Malpractice Suits –Disclose current or past suits filed against each evaluator individually while engaging in the practice of medicine

7 Key Dates ActivityDate Issue of RFPNovember 2, 2012 Deadline to Submit Written QuestionsNovember 19, 2012 Response to Written QuestionsNovember 29, 2012 Submission of ProposalsDecember 14, 2012 Contract AwardMarch, 2013

8 Proposal Preparation Use the templates provided for all answers Attachment D, Cost Proposal Template Pricing shall be based on rate per completed case Submit your responses within the templates Attachment E, Business Proposal Template -Confidential information must be kept separate from the proposal in both hard and soft copy -Respondent should review State contract (Attachment B) and note exceptions to state mandatory and non-mandatory clauses in the transmittal letter Attachment F, Technical Proposal Template

9 Proposal Evaluation Summary of Evaluation Criteria: 1. Adherence to Minimum Requirements –Pass/Fail 2. Management Assessment/Quality (Business & Technical) –35 points 3. Cost (Cost Proposal) –+ 20 points (Possible 5 Bonus Points) 4. Indiana Economic Impact –15 points 5. Buy Indiana –10 points 6. Minority (10) and Women Business (10) –Subcontractor Commitment 20 points (Possible 2 Bonus Points) * 100 Total Points (107 if All Bonus Points Are Awarded)

10 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Complete Attachment A, M/WBE Form –Include sub-contractor letters of commitment Goals for Proposal –8% Minority Business Enterprise –8% Women’s Business Enterprise

11 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Prime Contractors must ensure that the proposed subcontractors meet the following criteria: Must be listed on the IDOA Directory of Certified Firms Each firm may only serve as one classification – MBE or WBE A Prime Contractor who is an MBE or WBE must meet subcontractor goals by using other listed certified firms. Certified Prime Contractors cannot count their own workforce or companies to meet this requirement. Must serve a commercially useful function. The firm must serve a value- added purpose on the engagement. Must provide goods or service only in the industry area for which it is certified as listed in the directory at Must be used to provide the goods or services specific to the contract National Corporate Diversity Plans are generally not acceptable


13 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (Top of Form) RFP#____________________________________________________ DUE DATE:_______________________________________________ TOTAL BID AMOUNT:______________________________________

14 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises

15 Respondent FirmTelephone Number AddressFax Number City/State/Zip CodeEmail Address RepresentativeAuthorizing Signature DatePrinted Name and Title Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise (Bottom of Form)

16 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Effective April, 2011, a new MWBE scoring methodology was implemented for all RFP’s released New Process – MWBE scoring is conducted based on 20 points plus a possible 2 bonus points scale - MBE: Possible 10 points + 1 bonus point - WBE: Possible 10 points + 1 bonus Point Professional Services Scoring Methodology: - The points will be awarded on the following schedule: - Fractional percentages will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole percentage - Submissions of 0% participation will result in a deduction of 1 point in each category - The highest submission which exceeds the goal in each category will receive 11 points (10 points plus 1 bonus point). In case of a tie both firms will receive 11 points %1%2%3%4%5%6%7%8% Pts.1.252.503.755.006.257.508.7510.00

17 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises BidderMBE %Pts.WBE %Pts.Total Pts. Bidder 112.0%10.010.0%11.021.0 Bidder 26.0%7.54.0%5.012.5 Bidder 38.0%10.08.0%10.020.0 Bidder 416.0%11.00.0%10.0 Bidder 50.0%0.0%-2.0 RFP MWBE Scoring Example

18 Questions and Answers

19 Additional Information IDOA PROCUREMENT LINKS AND NUMBERS 1-877-77BUYIN (8946) For Vendor Registration Questions For Inquiries Regarding Substantial Indiana Economic Impact A.Secretary of State of Indiana: Can be reached at (317) 232-6576 for registration assistance. B.Indiana Economic Impact Form: Online version available at C. Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise: for more information for table of IDOA certified MBEs and D.RFP posting and updates: Go to (select “State of Indiana Opportunities” link) Drag through table until you find desired RFP/RFI number on left-hand side and click the link. E. Information Technology (IT) Standards and Policies

20 Thank You

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