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Berlin experiences Methodology, equipment, need for teacher training and legal steps and other requirements.

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1 Berlin experiences Methodology, equipment, need for teacher training and legal steps and other requirements

2 I.Genesis of the Vocational Training Assistant for Renewable Energy and Energy Management at OSZ TIEM in Berlin Dual vocational training was decreasing Teachers were in a jury for an energy contest among students Companies mentioned that they needed skilled workers in the field of regenerative engergy Colleagues developed the vocational training for this innovative profession + school leaving diploma In 2002 the first class with 15 students started In 2008 there were 160 students doing this vocational training

3 I. Continued... A private vocational college in Berlin copied the curriculum successfully The school realized that it needed more technical equipment with reference to regenerative energy In 2003, the colleagues of OSZ TIEM designed a house for experiments Since 2007, the solar pavillon has been serving for classes at OSZ TIEM This solar pavillon was funded by the EU and SenWirt The construction of the solar pavillon cost about 1million

4 II. Existing System 1.Decision making institutions –For full time training: Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung in Berlin –For dual training in Germany: BiBB (Bundesinstitut für Berufliche Bildung) Employers (Chambers) Employees (Labour Unions) –KMK (board of ministers of education in Germany)

5 II. Existing System 2. Similar professions –Electrician (dual training – skilled crafts) –Assistant for Electro-automation (full time training) at OSZ TIEM since 1997 –A similar profession in Butzbach –Solarteur further training in Munich

6 II. Existing System 3. Admission requirements Successfully passed the medium school leaving examination for the school leaving diploma MSA after 10th grade Preferably first time initial vocational training 4. Duration 3 years (desirable: 2 years vocational, 1 year general training)

7 II. Existing System 5. Contents (see curriculum) –General education (providing the school leaving diploma which entitles to start studying B.S. at Fachhochschule (University of Applied Science) –Theoretical education –Practical education (Work placement)

8 II. Existing System 6. Examinations –State examination at the end –1 examination with 9 partial examinations Centralized: Maths, German, English Practical: Electro-engineering, data remote control, regenerative energy engineering Others

9 II. Existing System 7. Title Staatlich anerkannte(r) Assistent(in) für regenerative Energietechnik und Energiemanagement

10 II. Existing System 8. Outlook/ideas for improvement –Better intertwining with companies –Development of a recognized profession with dual training –Real Abitur after another year –More publicity –More horizontal and vertical mobility

11 III. Odyssee through the institutions (duration) 1 to 2 years Only dealing with one authority (SenBWF – especially Mr Walk and Mr Wiedemann) Cooperation with a working group in Thüringen/Sachsen Freedom, as it was considered pilot project Curriculum also approved by the KMK to make it valid all over Germany

12 IV. Advisory boards/bodies Companies (e. g. PhoenixContact) DGS (German Association for Solar Energy) Berufliche Schule des Wetteraukreises, Butzbach Universities Not the Chambers though

13 V. Technical equipment Solar pavillon Cf catalogues

14 VI. Safety regulations Betriebsvorschriften (in-house rules) defined by BG=Berufsgenossenschaft (Employer's Liability Insurance Association) VDE-rules (German Electrical Engineering Association) Lab rules (for wind turbines the licence for heights – G41 - is advisable)

15 VII. Companies and professional associations Energie & Umwelt Hohenhameln Bundesverband Windenergie DGS Vattenfall (Herr Fischer) Energie für Bildung (newly founded association) Project: Biomass power plant for training purposes Politicians (local, regional, federal)

16 VIII. Reaction on the market The market for training initiatives is very keen on this concept Good job offers after finishing the training Many employers are not aware of its existence

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