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SAS Curriculum Mapping

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1 SAS Curriculum Mapping
ESL CIU # 10 Consortium Bobbie Pfingstler, Ed.D.

2 Pennsylvania Department of Education Vision for the Education for the Education of English Language Learners Provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of education which includes the provision of quality, culturally-responsive and equitable educational programs for ELLs and assurance of their appropriate participation in all aspects of the educational system. The Department ensures that its programs will address the needs and rights for ELLs in all its initiatives throughout the entire process of planning and implementation. Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

3 Pennsylvania Department of Education Vision for the Education for the Education of English Language Learners The Department is committed to using its Standards Aligned System to ensure that English language learners receive core curriculum instruction and achieve high levels of academic success. Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

4 Are aligned with college and work expectations
Are clear, understandable, and consistent Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order skills Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards Are informed by other top-performing countries, so that all students are prepared tosucceed in our global economy and society Are evidence-based Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

5 Identify the characteristics of ELP Standards-based instruction
Outcomes Identify the characteristics of ELP Standards-based instruction Develop and instrument through which to share “what content teachers need toknow to effectively teach English language learners.” Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

6 All students are part of the general education system.
Guiding Beliefs All students are part of the general education system. There is a shared responsibility for student achievement across the entire school community. The best way to address student learning is to be proactive. Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

7 PA Academic Standards and PA ELP Standards
Are for all students Are for ELLs Are part of the Curriculum Framework Are part of the Curriculum Framework for ELLs Guide content instruction Guide district ESL and content curriculum and instruction Comprise content specific objectives Include both content and language objectives Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

8 Creating a SAS Account.pdf
Resources Create a New Account: Creating a SAS Account.pdf Curriculum Mapping Tool: Help Desk: Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

9 Sample Readiness Checklist
Where Are You? Sample Readiness Checklist Where are you activity? Printed as a handout. Collect for information. Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

10 What is Curriculum? Agree or Disagree?
Statement 1. Determined by all teachers working in collaborative grade level and content area teams. 2. A scope and sequence chart from a publisher or chapter headings from a textbook. 3. Based only on state standards. 4. Written from the point of view of what the teacher will do. 5. Aligned between and across grade levels and content areas within increasing cognitive difficulty. 6. Focused on one classroom or one grade level. 7. Based on content, skills, assessments, resources, and other information teachers find useful in planning and teaching. 8. A planning and teaching tool that effects instruction and routinely changes to correspond to the needs and strengths of the learners. 9. Written from the point of view of what the student needs to know and be able to do.

11 Curriculum refers to the specific blueprint for learning and is derived from content and performance standards. - Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe

12 The curriculum should focus on powerful knowledge.
All students should experience a thinking curriculum. The best results come from having an aligned curriculum. - Peter Hill

13 What components or items should we consider when building or developing curriculum?
For CC, let’s just brainstorm as a group and place components on big paper. (Post components on big sheets of paper.)

14 Materials and Resources Assessment Vocabulary Common Core Duration
Definition Example Unit Sub-unit Essential Questions Mapping Elements Concepts Competencies Standards Materials and Resources Assessment Vocabulary Common Core Duration Define the Mapping Elements Note-taking Organizer

15 What is curriculum mapping?
Heidi Hayes Jacobs What Works in Schools In 2000, McREL published a meta-analysis of research titled, A New Era of School Reform: What 30 Years of Research Tells Us. This study examined three decades of research on effective schools and student achievement to determine what characteristics of schools, classrooms, and students are most strongly associated with high student achievement. The findings of this analysis were subsequently translated into What Works in Schools (Marzano, 2003), which outlined five school practices, three teacher practices, and three student characteristics correlated with student achievement. These 11 factors (see below) suggest, in broad brush strokes, critical areas around which schools can focus improvement efforts.

16 Curriculum Mapping is a collaborative, dynamic process for systematically aligning local content with the essential elements of Pennsylvania’s Standards Aligned System. Curriculum Mapping: Optimizes individual student achievement. Organizes course content into an easily accessed online tool that informs teaching and learning. Serves as a means to communicate curriculum to stakeholders.

17 A Core Map is a document that reflects the curriculum that all teachers are expected to address during a course of study. A Core Map is a replacement for a curriculum guide. Each teacher in the course receives the Core Map. Although teachers may add to the Core Map, they may not edit or remove parts of the Core.

18 Lesson planning is done by teachers, but it is not a part of the Core Map. The lessons can be stored in the Teacher Tools on SAS or in their own electronic files. The Core Maps allow continual refinement of curriculum based on student achievement data, changing demographics, changing state standards, etc.

19 Core Maps reflect the consistency and flexibility an individual district or school determines is needed within and across courses of study. Each discipline presents different considerations when coming to consensus on what needs to be consistent across grade level classrooms and what should be flexible.

20 Voluntary Model Curriculum Map


22 Phases of Curriculum Mapping
YRY0w&feature=related Heidi says there are four phases: Laying the Foundation Launching the Mapping Tool Sustaining and Integrating the Mapping Tool Mapping into the Future

23 Laying the Foundation Phase 1: Laying the Foundation

24 Day 1 Closure Identify the curriculum mapping “must haves” as your consortium begins its work. Brainstorm on large post-it paper. Now which are must haves? Also, thinking of where I want to go knowing we can fill in as we go. (Immediate and Long-Term) Allow time to complete this activity. 10 minutes

25 Reviewing the SAS Portal.
Let’s Spend Some Time Reviewing the SAS Portal. Spend time looking at the Curriculum Toolbox. Reminder, when working Science Curriculum, use the Unpacking the Anchors TAB in Standards. Grade level specific eligible content for science created by CDT work.

26 English Language Proficiency Standards
The English Language Proficiency Standards are at the following websites: The ELL overlay is at the following website: Can Do Descriptors: Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

27 Phase 2: Launching the Process

28 Checklist for Developing Effective Units
Pass prepared handout. Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

29 Launching the Curriculum Toolbox
Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Pass out version 1.6 Curriculum Mapping Go to Curriculum Mapping Icon in Teacher Tools. Copyright ©2010 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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