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ESL Parent Information Night

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1 ESL Parent Information Night
Timber Creek Elementary

2 Content-Based ESL Instruction
What is ESL? The acronym ESL is short for English as a Second Language. The acronym ELL is short for English Language Learner Tomball ISD uses In this model, acquisition of English is the goal of the program. Instruction focuses on content (science, social studies, and math) rather than language. Content-Based ESL Instruction 2

3 ESL Grading Newcomer Policy All Others
For Non-English Speaking (NES) students (according to the IPT Oral Exam) New to US schools, the following policy applies - The student will not receive a numerical grade for 18 weeks (2 grading periods). The report card for grades 1-6 will have an “x” marked in the content areas. In Kinder, the report card may be blank in areas of content. All Others For Limited (LES) or Fluent (FES) Speaking students Students will receive a numerical grade in all content areas. The grade may reflect the use of linguistic accommodations. 3

4 Curriculum – English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)
What are the ELPS? Texas English Language Proficiency Standards Standards used to teach ELL students listening, speaking, reading and writing. Standards include correct punctuation phonemic awareness increasing vocabulary correct oral responses fluency comprehension spelling sentence structure using learning strategies to acquire both academic and basic language skills

5 State Assessments given to ELL students
STAAR (The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) Given in grades 3-8 ELL students taking the regular STAAR are allowed some linguistic accommodations. STAAR L (Linguistically Accommodated Test) Offered in mathematics, science, and social studies. Not reading and writing. TELPAS (Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System) Given in grades K-12

6 What is STAAR? State standardized test covering core subject areas.
Grades 3-6 take reading and mathematics. Grade 4 take writing. Grade 5 take science. Students have a four-hour time limit to complete test. ELL students who have scored AH on TELPAS are not eligible to take STAAR L. To access sample questions use the link below.

7 Linguistic Accommodations - STAAR
Math, Science, Social Studies Bilingual dictionary Extra Time (same day) Reading, Writing Grades 3-5 Dictionaries of various types Extra Time (same day) Clarification of the meaning of words in the writing prompt. (In English)

8 What is STAAR - L The STAAR L test is taken online using the computer.
Clarification of English words are provided when needed – all of this is done through the computer program. Students are provided with headphones.

9 What is TELPAS? Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) Assesses progress of ELL students in listening, speaking, writing and reading. Composed of teacher rated assessments for listening, speaking and writing – grades K-12. Based on continuous classroom observations and written student work. Reading involves an online test consisting of multiple choice questions – grades 2-12. Administered in the spring.

10 How do ELLs exit the ESL program?
English Proficiency Exit Criteria Chart 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Current School Year Oral = Listening & Speaking Scored Fluent on English OLPT English Reading Norm Referenced Standardized Achievement Test (Rdg./Lang.) 40th % or above STAAR Writing Agency Approved Writing Test **** LEP students who use linguistic accommodations on the STAAR reading or writing may not exit.

11 Online Resources for Parents and Students
To access your child’s grades: Go to Select on Parents Select on accessing grades online Your username and password were sent home. Contact your school registrar for this information if you do not have your username and password. TCES- Dawna Lee To become a volunteer: Select on everyone Select on volunteer application To access your child’s lunch account: you can manage lunch account, make payment or set up automatic payments: Go to Create an account Select TX Choose Tomball ISD

12 Online Resources for Parents and Students
To access your child’s teacher’s webpage, newsflash or school’s website You can add this to your favorites to go directly to your teacher’s website. Make sure you sign up for newsflash as well. Many links are on the teacher’s websites for you to use to help support learning at home.   Here are a few websites available – these may vary depending on grade. Online reading book for K-5 username – lunch number / student id Password - provided by teacher Select on my library and you can access reading

13 Online Resources for Parents and Students
Online math and science book for K-5 user id - TISD + student number Password – TOMBALL1 Online math book for 6th grade Select chapter and lesson at the top Grades K-4 user id and password provided by teacher – this may be taped in their planner. Grades 3-6 user id and password – provided by your teacher   

14 Online Resources for Parents and Students
Other Great websites: - great math resource User id and password given by your teacher – Reading resources (teacher username: AlidaH, click on grade level) - Reading Resources List Vowel Sounds the Lions Reading Assoc. Rockets

15 Online Resources for Parents and Students
ESL Resources: Colorado Things ESL Audio e-Books Select on tab that says KIDS Then Select on the star that says Kids Read Select on TumbleBooks

16 Any Questions? Please contact: Alida Hudson – ESL Specialist
X 4667 Kathy Jo Standefer– LPAC Administrator X 4601 16

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