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Active labour market instruments focusing on women Martina Maurer Department of active labour market policy for women PES Austria 15. November 2012.

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1 Active labour market instruments focusing on women Martina Maurer Department of active labour market policy for women PES Austria 15. November 2012

2 Content  Key figures on labour market  Gender Mainstreaming within AMS  Active labour market programs  Reentring professional life [WE]  Women in handcraft and technique [FiT]  Vocational centers for women [FBZ]  Gender Budgeting

3  Total employment:4,096.700 women: 46,4%  Registered Unemployed (annual average): 246.700 women: 43,6%  Average duration of unemployment: 93 days women: 93 days  Eurostat unemployment rate 2011: 4,2% women: 4,3%  National unemployment rate 2011: 6,7% women: 6,3% Overview on the Austrian labour market 2011

4  Labour force participation:w: 69,5% m:81,7%  Part time employment:w:44% m:8,9%  Marginal part time work:w:13,7% m:6,7% Gender pay gap total: 40% full time: 19%  Gender pay gap / apprenticeship:24%  Gender pay gap / pension : 39% Overview on the Austrian labour market 2011

5 Aims for gender equality [Mid term plan] The major aims of the AMS are that men and women  should participate in professional life to the same degree (secure positions that enable them to support themselves and gain economical independence)  should have the equal opportunities to practise all professions  should be able to enter employment at all levels of professional hierarchy

6 Gender mainstreaming within AMS [1/2]  Top-down Management  Introduced on all levels and spheres of activities/work- processes  GM sensitive presentation of figures  GM-Analysis of guidelines and directives (part of QM) Gender equality and women´s advancement is established on all levels of the AMS

7 Gender mainstreaming within AMS [2/2]  Professional qualifications of all employees (basic education, further education)  Obligatory requirements for partner organizations  Plan for the advancement of women (women in leading positions, further education, reconciling work and family, parental leave for men)  Gender Budgeting 50/50  Controlling of all activities and measures

8 Active labour market programs for women [1/3] Encouragement for reentering professional life (WE)  Women who want to re-enter the labour marked after a career break due to child care are a special target group in the Austrian PES  In every local office an expert is nominated on questions of re- entry into professional life. Women planning re-entry are directly booked to this expert  Training program “Successful reentry in the job” Contents: Vocational orientation, development of career perspectives, options for reconciling family and work, analysis of women’s potentials, reorientation, internships and qualification. 4.400 women attended the training in 2011  The number of qualification and job reentries are part of the annual goals.  Cooperation with counselling centres for women

9 Active labour market programs for women [2/3] Women in craft and technical professions (FiT) Women shall be actively encouraged and supported to enter non- traditional branches to reduce segregation and its negative effects on women  The program includes:  Supporting measures  Vocational orientation,  technical-manual prequalification,  Vocational training in non-traditional professions  Support: individual coaching, counselling centers for women, internships, female role models as teachers and mentors, information for companies, case management, child care  2011 3.500 women took part within the FiT program.

10 Active labour market programs for women [3/3] Vocational centers for women (FBZ) Vocational centres for women providing a wide range of services with the goal of higher qualification  Case Management: individual coaching  Vocational orientation, analysis of women’s potentials  Information on vocational training and job opportunities  Development of vocational skills  Contact point to all institutions providing active measures for women  Cooperation with companies, internships

11 Competence with system (KMS) Learner Outcome-Oriented AMS Training as Steps toward the “Completion of Apprenticeship” Qualification  Modulare education to reach higher formal qualification.  Competence matrices and certificates that describe acquired competences after each module > visualization of competences for participants and companies.  After completing all modules participants take the external final apprenticeship exam.  Especially for women a useful instrument to achieve higher qualification in case of repeated unemployment (i.e.seasonal unemployment).  KMS is oriented to the EQF and the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) “KmS should make it possible for the unemployed to acquire as part of several education and training modules the competences necessary to pass the external final apprenticeship exam and thus earn a formal qualification ( Magazin Erwachsenenbildung, 14/p.116 ).”

12  Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection formulates labour market goals: Closing the gap in income and segregation. 50% of budget for active labour market measures for women  Supported Persons: In 2011 162.166 women and 154.208 men received active labour market measures by the Austrian PES.  Gender Budgeting: 50% of the active labour market budget is reserved for women (2011: 48,7%) Gender Budgeting Active labour market Policy Budget 2011 Women Employment219 Mio.47,3% Qualification641 Mio.48,7% Support73 Mio.53,3% Total932 Mio.48,7%

13 Thank you for your

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