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MODULE 2 THE BRAND AND CULTURE. Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences.

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2 Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot. LET’S START WITH THE BRAND WHAT DEFINES A BRAND?


4 We want customers engaged in making a decision to choose - with the thought that the future will bring more complicated products and we want them to rely on us to help them. More of a consulting value that is relationship driven, thinking beyond just selling energy, feel secure trusting us and our expertise, doing the little things that make for an exceptional experience and creating value in that way. We are a smart, cutting edge, comprehensive solution provider. We listen to our customers, they help create the solutions. We are changing the world, something you want to be a part of, we aren’t the same as everyone else, our customers can feel confident in knowing that we provide the best solutions because we are the thought leader. IGS Energy is passionate. We strive to be a trusted partner, innovator and thought leader in everything we do. BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT A FEW KEY DESCRIPTORS OF A TRUSTED PARTNER, INNOVATOR AND THOUGHT LEADER


6 What does being a Trusted Advisor mean to you? STOP AND THINK… Why is it important?

7 HOW WE WANT OUR CUSTOMERS TO SEE US... As a trusted advisor An advocate who’s looking out for their best interest A navigator who helps to identify the smartest solutions Open, honest and down to earth Innovative, forward thinking and optimistic about the future How else do we want our customers to see us?


9 You are the Brand Voice! STOP AND THINK… What does that mean to you? Why is it so important? How can you specifically influence Customer Experiences and perceptions of IGS Energy?

10 VISION Support our Customers, current and future, as trusted advisors leading to strengthened relationships and sustained customer growth. SOLUTIONS CENTER VISION, MISSION AND IDENTITY MISSION The IGS Energy Solutions Center strives to create Customer loyalty by delivering exceptional experiences through an entrepreneurial approach to Customer Care and Sales, resulting in Customers who feel like they are part of our IGS Energy Family WHO WE ARE Energetic, Engaged, Empowered Energy Consultants who passionately represent the IGS Energy Brand with exceptional customer experiences.

11 The Circle of Care focuses first on exceptional employee experiences, thus creating exceptional customer experiences and resulting in exceptional business unit performance Employees will act as Trusted Advisors, educating our customers in a consultative manner, always doing the right thing for each other and the customer and helping to provide a World Class Experience that will lead to strengthened relationships, sustained customer growth and superior brand recognition Our Passion is to have Energetic, Engaged and Empowered consultants who believe in what we are trying to do as a company; seeking a positive change in the way we manage and consume our energy resources. We hold ourselves and agents to high expectations by viewing all actions through the scope of what is best for the employee and customer experience IT’S A CULTURE THING…

12 CUSTOMER SERVICE, ACQUISITION AND RETENTION Recognize that every conversation is an opportunity to earn (or lose) the business of a prospective or current IGS customer Service every call with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism Make choosing IGS Energy a positive, rewarding and simple process Value our current Customers and work diligently to keep earning their business ACQUISITION TACTICAL SUPPORT Work as a trusted partner with our various sales tactic groups to drive success for the company in all sales, service, verification and retention efforts STRONG BRAND REPRESENTATION Represent the IGS Brand in every interaction realizing that our customer’s lasting view of IGS is heavily influenced by their experience in interacting with our Energy Consultants THE CUSTOMER IS OUR BOSS

13 TRANSPARENT AND SIMPLE OFFERS AND SOLUTIONS Be open and transparent in all interaction Make our service offerings easy to understand with clear benefits Ensure smooth and positive enrollment EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCES Our consultation center is here to serve our customers, current and future, with only the highest quality interactions In the vast majority of cases, an agent is the first and last impression a customer has of IGS Energy. Every caller should view their interactions with the contact center as a positive and top flight experience CONSULTATIVE INTERACTIONS As a trusted partner, we strive to bring solutions to our customers versus “selling” them services they may not need OUR CUSTOMER PROMISE

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