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1 Alcohol

2 ethanol The type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages
A powerful drug Made synthetically or naturally

3 Fermentation The chemical action of yeast on sugars Fruits, veggies, or grains Beer, wine, or spirits All can to do serious harm

4 Depressant Causes the central nervous system to slow down.

5 Intoxication Physical and mental impairment resulting from the use of alcohol Inability to walk to unconsciousness

6 Alcohol and Teens

7 At any age, alcohol use can become a high-risk behavior
80% of teens have had a drink Alcohol among adults has declined

8 ½ all teens who die, die as a result of alcohol or from other drugs – many are accidents
Unplanned pregnancies, STD’s, date violence, rapes, suicides and homicides 5 million problem drinkers are between the ages of

9 100 million American use alcohol
10 teens a day die in alcohol-related crashes ½ of all fatal car crashes involve alcohol 50% of boat accidents involve alcohol

10 Factors that affect teen alcohol
Friends Family Advertisements - $1 billion a year – hidden messages

11 Short-term effects of drinking

12 Brain Reaches brain almost as soon as it is consumed
Depresses activity Disorganized – memory and concentration dulled – decision making badly effected

13 Liver Oxidation – changes alcohol to water, CO2, and energy
1/3 – ½ an ounce an hour No way to speed up

14 Heart Increase heart rate and blood pressure Abnormal heartbeats

15 BAC The amount of alcohol on a person’s blood expressed as a percentage Factors – gender, weight, and metabolism, amount consumed, time between drinks

16 Designated drivers People in social settings who choose not to drink so that they can safely drive themselves and others

17 Long-term effects Brain damage – decrease in size – destroy cells
Chronic liver problems – Fatty liver – a condition in which fats build up in the liver and cannot be broken down

18 Cirrhosis Liver tissue if destroyed and then replaced with useless scar tissue

19 Hepatitis Inflammation or infection that can cause weakness, jaundice, fever and death Recovery slow and liver failure sometimes results

20 Fetal alcohol syndrome
Condition in which a fetus has been adversely affected mentally and physically by its mother’s heavy alcohol use

21 Low birth weight Impaired speech Cleft palate General weakness Slow body growth Facial abnormalities Heart defects

22 Binge Drinking Periodic excessive drinking
Popular in high school and College Social event or contest Lead to serious difficulties

23 Alcohol poisoning A dangerous toxic condition that occurs when a person drinks a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time

24 A physical and psychological dependence on the drug
Alcoholism A physical and psychological dependence on the drug

25 Stages of Alcoholism

26 Stage one Social drinking Physical and psychological dependency
Short-term memory loss Makes excuses for drinking

27 Stage two Cannot stop drinking Physically dependent May drink alone
More excuses Drinking is central in the person’s life

28 Stage three Final and worst stage Drinking is most important
Constant companion Malnutrition Needs less alcohol to get drunk

29 Delirium tremens (DTs)
Hot/cold flashes, tremors, nightmares, hallucinations, and having fear of people and animals

30 Alcoholism cannot be cured but can be treated
2/3 of all alcoholics recover with proper treatment AA – Alcoholics Anonymous Alateen

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