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Ecology By: Anthony Michielini. What is ecology?

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1 Ecology By: Anthony Michielini

2 What is ecology?

3 study of how organisms interact with each other and how they interact with their environment

4 What is Individual organisms?

5 Smallest unit of study that ecologists concern themselves with.

6 What are Species?

7 same type of organism that lives in the same place at the same time. capable of reproducing and producing fertile young

8 What are Populations?

9 groups of the same species that may or may not interact with each other. Many different ways to divide up population

10 What is Communities?

11 Groups of populations that are interacting with each other at any given day or any given time

12 What is an Ecosystems

13 Lots of habitats in a generalized area put many ecosystems together and you get a biome.

14 What’s a Biosphere?

15 All of the places on earth that living things survive, anywhere there is life would contribute to the biosphere

16 What’s a Habitat?

17 Groups of communities all with very similar biotic and abiotic conditions

18 What’s Abiotic Factors?

19 Non living things

20 What’s Biotic Factors?

21 Living things

22 What are producers(first Tropic level)?

23 Autotrophs - Producers, plants – Gets energy from the sun – most energy is found here Biggest level

24 What are Primary Consumers (Second Tropic Level)?

25 First level consumer – herbivore 90% of energy is lost as you move up the pyramid

26 What are Secondary Consumers (Third Tropic Level)? – Carnivores or omnivores 10% of energy is left over on this level

27 Tertiary Consumer (Fourth Tropic Level)?

28 – Carnivores of omnivores 1% of energy is left over on this level for those organisms to use

29 What are Quandary Consumer (Fifth Tropic Level)?

30 Very little energy at this level Usually rare to be at this level

31 What is the difference from a food pyramid and a food web?

32 Food pyramid – like a chain with a specific order Food web – more complicated with different paths being followed

33 What is a Decomposer?

34 Similar to saprobes recycle nutrients back into the soil as they consume the dead EX: bacteria, mushrooms, and insects

35 What is an Autotroph?

36 An organism that makes its own food. EX: plants and algae

37 What is a Heterotroph?

38 organism that obtains its nutrients from other organisms. EX: humans, lions, and mushrooms

39 What is a herbivore?

40 Something that only eats plants. EX: giraffe and elephant

41 What is a Carnivore?

42 Organism that only eats meat EX: lions, tigers, and bears

43 What’s an omnivore?

44 Something that eats both meat and plants EX: humans

45 What is a saprobe?

46 A decomposer Gets rid of remaining material when things die

47 What is a scavenger?

48 Something that eats other dead organisms EX: crow and hyena

49 What is Amensalism?

50 organism benefits and kills the other organism EX: Black walnut tree, penicillin

51 What is Commensalism?

52 organism benefits and other in not harmed or benefited. EX: shark and a suckerfish

53 What is Parasitism?

54 organism benefits, and the other is harmed EX: ticks, fleas, leaches, tape worms If it kills their host they lose their food source

55 What is Mutualism?

56 organism get something good from the relationship EX: tick birds sitting on rhinos and eat the ticks. Birds have food, and the rhino is cleared of ticks

57 What is Symbiosis?

58 Its between two or more organisms, and how they interact with each other.

59 What are some limiting factors?

60 Food, water, money, and shelter.

61 What is Density Dependent?

62 EX: food - more organisms you have the less food you have.

63 What is Density Independent?

64 All are equally affected, does not matter how many people there are EX: earthquakes volcanic, eruptions etc.

65 What is Competition between and among Species?

66 Competition between species – food, water, and shelter Among Species – same things(from above) and mates

67 What is carry capacity?

68 The maximum

69 Fin

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