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The Growth of Nationalism, 1815-1840 Libertyville HS.

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1 The Growth of Nationalism, 1815-1840 Libertyville HS

2 1815: New Leaders Emerging Speaker of the House Henry Clay KY, represents the W John Calhoun SC, represents the S Daniel Webster MA, represents the NE

3 Clay’s “American System” Create “a self sufficient national economy” Goals – prevent disunion, strengthen national gov’t Avoid foreign (British) “dumping” Methods Protective tariff (NE) National bank (NE) High land prices (Fed) Build roads & canals (W, S)

4 The American System Protective Tariff of 1816 20-25% increase on all imported goods Purpose: buy American! The Second Bank of the United States (BUS) – created in 1816 Private bank Paid $1.5 million to gov’t for special license (charter) Gov’t deposited its money with BUS BUS promoted single currency

5 The American System Transportation National (Cumberland) Road begun in 1811 at federal expense Canals Bonus Bill Calhoun: create road to link the S & W to the E, from charter $ (“Bonus”) New E. feared it would drain population, create competing states in LA Calhoun argued its constitutional under general welfare, post road clauses Vetoed by Madison under strict interp of Constitution Cumberland Road, 1811-1838

6 Supreme Court and Nationalism Chief Justice John Marshall Marbury v. Madison (1803) Dartmouth v. Woodward (1819) MD wanted to turn private U. into a public U, breaking K from decades ago SC: Federal law protects contracts “Magna Carta of the Corporation” Daniel Webster arguing Dartmouth case

7 USSC and Nationalism McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) MD taxed 2d BUS Question: state tax feds? SC: BUS is legal Federal law is supreme over states “Power to tax is the power to destroy” Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) Steamboat coastal ferries Only the Fed gov’t may regulate interstate commerce (NY invalid) McCulloch text, in 1819 Minute book

8 Nationalism & Foreign Affairs Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 Spain gives FL to US US-Spanish border set US assumes $5 million in debt Spain gives up claims to Oregon US gives up claims to TX, W of river Irony? (Think MO Compromise …)

9 Nationalism & Foreign Policy Monroe Doctrine emerges, 1823 Latin American revolutions, 1815- 1820s Spain was losing its overseas empire! What did the powers of Europe do?! What does this cartoon represent? (discuss with neighbor to L / frnt)

10 Monroe Doctrine Emerges “Holy Alliance” Austria, Russia, Prussia Anti-democratic, anti revolution, anti- secular; pro- monarchy Rumors of possible attack by HA on Americas, to restore Spain

11 European nations with involvement in Western Hemisphere, 1800s Spain Mexico, Central America, W. South America W. South America Great Britain Canada, Caribbean, N. coast of South America Russia Occupied Alaska, W coast of Canada Pushing S toward CA

12 Monroe Doctrine Emerges Holy Alliance invited UK to join, 1822 UK (PM Canning): rejection! UK was pro democracy UK was pro free trade w/ Latin America

13 PM Canning invited US into alliance against Holy Alliance SoS JQ Adams to Monroe: remember GW’s advice (what was it?) Already fought two wars vs. British… Equality of alliance? PM Canning J.Q. Adams Monroe

14 Monroe Doctrine Monroe laid out doctrine W. Hemisphere was closed to further colonization No US interference in existing colonies No US interference in European affairs No European interference “dangerous to US peace & safety” True enforcer of Doctrine = British navy

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