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James Monroe 1817-1825 “The Era of Good Feelings”.

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1 James Monroe 1817-1825 “The Era of Good Feelings”


3 Era of Good Feelings Benjamin Russell Feds die = 1 party rule Nationalism J.M. wins all but one electoral vote in 1820 But D.R. Party split by sectionalism –Tariffs, nat. bank, internal improvements, sale of public lands

4 Panic of 1819 Wild speculation on western lands Overextended investments in manufacturing Collapse of foreign markets Commodity inflation Contraction of credit – resumption of specie payments Mismanagement of 2 nd National Bank State bank failures – in South & West

5 Resentment against the Bank Thomas Hart Benson of Missouri labels it “The Monster”

6 Marshall Court Reinforces federal power: –Gibbons v Ogden –McCulloch v Maryland –Dartmouth v Woodward

7 Missouri Compromise Rapid growth of West Senate even at 11-11 Missouri (slave) Maine (free) 36-30 Preserves “Era of G. F.” but causes sectionalism


9 American System Henry Clay Internal Improvements (Vetoes Intra Improvements) National Economy binding regional interests Cumberland Road (National Road) Erie Canal

10 Foreign Affairs Canada: –Rush-Bagot Treaty US/GB on Great Lakes –Treaty of 1818 Fishing, Oregon, 49 th Parallel

11 Foreign Affairs Florida –1817 Jackson pursues raiders –1818 Destroyed Seminole, hung 2 Brits, pushed out Spanish Gov’t Congress outraged (JQ Adams supports) –1819 Spain “sells” for 5 million, US gave up claims on Texas

12 Monroe Doctrine A foreign policy Why issued? – Countries in Europe (Spain & Russia) were trying to expand to W. Hemisphere Basic Ideas: “Europe Stay Out”

13 Monroe Doctrine W. Hemisphere closed to further colonization U.S. would not interfere with Europe’s internal affairs U.S, would not interfere with any existing European colony



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