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Biomass at La Garriga. What is biomass ? Biomass, as a renewable energy source, refers to alive and recently dead biological material that can be used.

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1 Biomass at La Garriga

2 What is biomass ? Biomass, as a renewable energy source, refers to alive and recently dead biological material that can be used as fuel or for industrial production. In this context, biomass refers to plant matter grown to generate electricity or produce for example trash such as dead trees and branches, yard clippings and wood chips biofuel, and it also includes plant or animal matter used for production of fibers, chemicals or heat.

3 Biomass is part of the carbon cycle. Carbon from the atmosphere is converted into biological matter by photosynthesis. On death or combustion the carbon goes back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (CO2). This happens over a relatively short timescale and plant matter used as a fuel can be constantly replaced by planting for new growth. Therefore a reasonably stable level of atmospheric carbon results from its use as a fuel. Environmental impact

4 Biopower The first major category of bioenergy is “biopower”. It is generated when biomass is burned directly, either alone or along with fossil fuel. For instance, co-firing means adding plant material to a high efficiency burner along with coal, and this significantly reduces sulfur emissions. Methane (which is essentially natural gas) is another biofuel. Biobased Products The second major category of bioenergy is “biobased products;” that is, substituting biomass for petroleum in products like plastics, adhesives, etc. It’s a complex chemical process to make these products, but actually uses less energy than making them out of petroleum. Another benefit is that these products are generally biodegradable. Biofuels The third major category of bioenergy is “biofuels,” or liquid fuels for transportation. There are two major categories of biofuels, biodiesel and ethanol. Biodiesel is made from an oilseed. Ethanol is made very similar to the process used for beer and wine. The result can be blended with gasoline at a ratio of up to 10% and run in any vehicle. A select number of cars and trucks are “Flexible Fuel” vehicles can run on a blend of up to 85% ethanol (E85). Types of biomass

5 Tamayo is a company that it dedicated to recovery and recycling residues. It has two sectors: Tamayo auto-scrappings and recycling Tamayo. Tamayo auto-scrappings His principal function is scrapping old vehicles. they dress 4000 cars evey year. Its function is to use all the possible pieces to commercialize them and to recycle residues. Tamayo Recycling Tamayo Its function is gather manufacturer residues which are produced by the companies, to improve the society and prevent dumps be full.

6 Which is the function of the alderman of territorial action and patrimony? It's a “macroregidoria” that includes all the things that done in La Garriga, under the action territorial control: pollution, rivers... They are grouped in order that la Garriga has resources and improve the installations Which are the annual town hall activities related whith the environment? There we do permanent campaigns related to different aspects: the mobility (respectful with the environment: public transport..), free time of residues (to reduce residues and to foment the recycling), etc. These coincide with days that are done to all Catalunya (the day without car...). Interview to the alderman of territorial action and patrimony of La Garriga

7 Is it possible to say that the town hall contributes of importantly form in the environment (using bulbs of low consumption, ecological products..)? Increasingly. The current facilities try to reduce the energetic expenses and of resources, installing systems of water reduction, solar thermal plates,... Has never the town hall thought of distributing bulbs of low consumption for the citizens, like it has been done in other town halls of the rest of the Spanish State? The financial resources don't come to 13 %. We can do limited things: education, prevention, to collaborate with other institutions that have the necessary means, with leaflets, distributing reducers... Which is your personal opinion on your alderman's function of environment: (if more things or morecampaigns,...)? My opinion is good, but it might be better with more resources and more means.

8 The biomass platform At first, biomass is transported and saved in the central. There, it will be prepared for it’s use. Then, biomass is injected into the kettle (caldera) where will be burnt thanks to a fuel, which will help into the process. The water that is circulating inside the kettle will be transformed to gas. Some residues are depurated using filters. The solid part is kept and fumes sent to the atmosphere. The water gas goes to the generator and rotates it, creating electricity. Then, the water is sent away.

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10 Lorena Montes

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