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Czech Development Agency Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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1 Czech Development Agency Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2 Czech Development Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is responsible for coordination of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) Total volume of the ODA in 2007 (Bilateral + Multilateral): approx. CZK 3,628 billion / EUR 140 mil. ODA/GNI: 0,11 % OECD DAC Special Review 2006-2007

3 Czech Development Cooperation Czech Development Agency established by the Governmental decision in January 2008 Development Agency is responsible for some sectors (education, social affairs, transportation) but the rest remains under the line ministries until 2010 (environment, agriculture etc.) for 2008 the staff will be limited to 10 people, from 2009 some growth is expected „Division of labour“ – MFA responsible for policy making and overall priorities, The Agency for formulation, contracting, monitoring etc.

4 Czech Development Cooperation ODA / GNI (Gross National Income) ratio (2006) Luxembourg0,89 % Denmark 0,82 % Austria 0,48 % Finland0,39 % Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary 0,10 / 0,12 % EU target for NMS- min. 0,17 % in 2010, 0,33 % in 2015!!!

5 Czech Development Cooperation Priority Countries of the Czech Development Cooperation (2005-2010) Angola, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Moldova, Mongolia, Serbia, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia + Mid-term: Afghanistan, Iraq (post-war reconstruction) + „Project countries“ (Cambodia, Ethiopia, Palestine, Kosovo)

6 Czech ODA in Priority Countries (Sectoral)

7 Czech Development Constituency State & Non-State actors: State Institutions (e.g. Ministries) Political Scene - Parliament Private sector (e.g. Private Companies) NGOs Universities Media

8 Millenium Development Goals Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Achieve universal primary education Promote gender equality and empower women Reduce child mortality Improve maternal health Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases Ensure environmental sustainability Develop a global partnership for Development

9 Czech ODA per sector (2006) 164 bilateral projects in total Environment 24 % (of all bilateral projects) Industrial development 16 % Agriculture 12 % Education 5 % Health 5 % Development Education and Awareness 7 % (CZ) Support to NGOs 7 % (CZ) + migration, transportation, social development…

10 Czech ODA Implementing agencies (2006) Private Companies 44 % of all projects (54 % of funds) NGOs 31 % (20 %) Governmental agencies 15 % (18 %) Universities 10 % (8 %) Number of active partners (with at least one project): 82

11 Czech NGO Sector (2007) Rapid growth between 2002 – 2007 Czech NGOs Umbrella Organization FoRS – Czech Forum for development Cooperation (38 members) Leading role in Development Education and Public Awareness Raising (National Anti-poverty Campaign) Czech MFA support - Capacity building - Dev. Education & Awareness - Trilateral Coop. (EC) Total MFA support for Czech NGO in 2007 (grants): 37 mil. CZK (1,4 mil. EUR)

12 Czech NGO Sector – Trilateral Cooperation 4 major partners (2007): EU, Canada, Austria, Germany European Commission Grants: 8 Czech NGOs involved Canada/CIDA: 5 NGO projects Austria/RPP: 5 NGO projects Germany: joint GLEN project for Young Volunteers (20 Czech students abroad since 2005) The MFA is committed to support Czech NGOs receiving grants from the EC up to maximum contribution allowed for governmental co-financing (10 – 15 % of total budget)

13 Czech ODA – main challenges 2007 - 2013 Unsufficient legislation (in preparation) Selection of Priority countries and preparation of CSPs for 2011 – 2015 (reduction? from 8 to 5/6…) Coordination & Coherence & Complementarity (with other donors) Low public awareness (more investment needed) Reaching of the EU target 0,17 % GNI for NMS in 2010 is uncertain!! (more lobbying needed – NGOs are doing a lot of work…) More easily accessible EU funds for NGOs (more lobbying and training needed) DEVELOPMENT AGENCY („new-born child“ – transformation from the Development Centre)

14 Thank you… Martin Náprstek Czech Development Agency Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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