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Final Exam Review It Would Be Wise to Write Down the Questions and Answers.

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1 Final Exam Review It Would Be Wise to Write Down the Questions and Answers

2 What is a caricature?

3 Caricature - a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person, animal or object to create an easily identifiable visual likeness

4 What is a sculpture?

5 Sculpture - the branch of visual arts that operates in three dimensions

6 What is a “sculpture in the round”?

7 Sculpture in the Round - sculptures that are free- standing and presented in three-dimensional form without being attached to a background

8 What is a relief sculpture?

9 Relief Sculpture - a technique that gives the impression that the sculptural material has been raised above the background

10 What is a self- portrait?

11 Self-Portrait - a representation of an artist (drawn, painted, photographed or sculpted) by the artist themselves.

12 What materials can be used to make a sculpture?

13 - Stone - Clay - Metal - Bronze - Marble - Found Objects - Tin Foil - Cardboard - Paper - Wax - Plastic - Gold - Silver - Plants - Ice - Glue - Feathers - Fabric - Snow - Glass - Anything!!!

14 Why would an artist make a self-portrait?

15 To express themselves To educate future generations about themselves An easily available subject matter To record their appearance at that time To study facial anatomy

16 Can a sculpture also be a form of self- portrait?


18 Statue of King Khafra, Ancient Egypt

19 If an artist makes a sculpture of him / herself, would it still be a form of self-portrait?

20 Yes. A cartoon that calls upon the likeness of a person is a form of caricature.


22 Typically, what are the two most expressive parts of a person’s face?

23 The corners of their eyes and the corners of their mouths.

24 What is the name of the artist who uses grids to make a self- portrait?

25 Chuck Close

26 What tools are necessary to create a grid for self- portraits? Pencil Paper Ruler Self-portrait photograph

27 What are the steps to creating a grid- self-portrait? Draw a grid of one-inch boxes over an 8x10 photo Draw a grid the same size on a piece of paper Copy the contents of each box exactly onto the paper

28 What are the Elements of Art?

29 Line Form Color Texture Shape Space Tone / Value

30 What is the difference between form and shape?

31 Form has height, width and depth, and is three dimensional. Shape only has height and width.

32 Which of the following is NOT a shape? Square Circle Rectangle Cube

33 Texture What is a texture? Texture is the quality of a surface, often corresponding to its tactile character, or what may be sensed by touch.

34 What is the difference between tactile texture and implied texture?

35 TEXTURE There are two types of texture: Tactile texture (real texture) is the way the surface of an object actually feels. Examples of this include sandpaper, cotton balls, tree bark, etc. Implied texture is the way the surface of an object looks like it feels. The texture may look rough, fizzy, gritty, but cannot actually be felt. This type of texture is used by artists when drawing or painting.

36 What are the three primary colors? Red Blue Yellow

37 Tone / Value What is tone? Tone or value refers to the use of light and dark, shade and highlight, in an artwork.

38 What is a National Historic Landmark?

39 A National Historic Landmark is a building, site, structure or object that is officially recognized in the United States government for it’s national- level historical significance.

40 What was the term “action figure” first attributed to?

41 The term “action figure” was first coined by Hasbro in 1964 to market their G.I. Joe toys to boys who wouldn’t play with dolls.

42 Chiaroscuro is a term best described as: the use of strong contrasts between light and dark.

43 St. Joseph the Carpenter, Georges de La Tour, 1642

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