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What percentage of people in the world say they follow:

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2 What percentage of people in the world say they follow:
Christianity?_____ Islam?_____ Hinduism?_____ Buddhism?_____ Judaism?_____ No Religion?_____ 7 billion people in the world!

3 Abraham “father of many nations”
Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all ABRAHAMIC religions (trace their roots to Abraham) and worship the SAME one God Isaac “father of the Hebrew people” JUDAISM Ishmael “father of the Arab peoples” ISLAM SOME Jews thought Jesus was the messiah CHRISTIANITY Jews still waiting for their messiah JUDAISM

4 What is Christianity? 2000 year old religion followed by almost one third of the world’s population. Based on the life, teachings, death and resurrection of a first century Jew known as Jesus, believed to be the Christ (messiah, savior) by his followers (thus called “Christians”).

5 Who was Jesus? – The Historical Jesus
Born, lived, and died a Jew in first century Roman occupied Palestine Around age 30, took on a mission of preaching, teaching, and healing as a traveling teacher Following of 12 primary disciples and many others interested in his teachings Considered a political threat to Roman and Jewish authorities, and is put to death by crucifixion (a Roman punishment)

6 What did Jesus teach? Jesus was a…
story telling teacher who taught through parables about the Kingdom of God. preacher of forgiveness for sin. inspirational speaker: “Greatest commandment”: Love God and love others as you love yourself. “Golden Rule”: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

7 What do Christians believe about Jesus? – That Jesus…
was the “Christ” or fulfillment of Jewish belief that the messiah would be “king of the Jews”. is the “Son of God” – fully divine and fully human. was resurrected - rose from the dead, overcoming death so that others may have “eternal life”. rose into heaven to live with God to help humans. will come again at the “end of days” to judge the living and the dead.

8 What else do Christians believe?
God the Father lives in heaven (same God worshiped by Jews and Muslims) with his Son (Jesus) Heaven and Hell: Eternal life for those who are “saved” by Jesus Eternal damnation for those who are not so saved

9 Holy Book – The Christian Bible
Old Testament: books from the Jewish Torah – old stories of Moses, Noah, etc. New Testament: written after Jesus’ death, by his followers about his life and teachings Four gospels about the life, teaching, death, and resurrection of Jesus Other records, stories, and revelations about the early Christian church

10 How do Christians practice their faith as a group?
Sacraments: Baptism Communion (Eucharist, Mass) Confirmation Confession of sins, penance, atonement Marriage (“Holy Matrimony”) Ordination (“Holy Orders”) Healing (anointing, “Last rites”) Sabbath celebrated on Sunday with prayer, scripture readings, singing of hymns, a sermon or lesson from the pastor/minister/priest, etc. (format varies from church to church)

11 What are some Christian holy days?
Two major seasons in the Christian calendar: Christmas – celebrating the birth of Jesus Easter – commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christmas: Advent (four weeks leading up to Christmas day) Christmas Day (December 25th) Epiphany (the “twelfth day of Christmas”)

12 Who are Christians? other sects/groups
Orthodox Christians Greek, Russian, Coptic, and other churches of Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Asia Roman Catholics unified under the Pope Over 900 million (half of all Christians) Protestant Churches Lutheran, Anglican, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Congregational, Baptist, Methodist, etc. Independent/American Groups: Mormons , Jehovah’s Witness, etc.

13 What is the bare essence of Christianity?
A faith and life based on the person and/or teachings of Jesus as savior, model, or inspiration Use of the New Testament to inform faith and practice

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