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Rapid Transit Investment Plan David Armijo, CEO March 19, 2010.

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1 Rapid Transit Investment Plan David Armijo, CEO March 19, 2010

2 Rapid Transit Investment Plan Tampa’s Rail History Today’s Problems Some Solutions & Recommendations Benefits of the Plan Referendum; transit and non-transit What’s next

3 53 miles of streetcar lines Ballast Point, Ybor City, Sulphur Springs and beyond In the 1920s… 24 million annual trips 3.2 million miles a year 22 hour service day Tampa’s Rail History

4 Franklin Street, 1925 Gasparilla Bayshore Drive

5 Area Transit Today 13 million trips in FY09 Current HART service 45 local routes and in-town trolleys 13 express routes TECO Line Streetcar System Paratransit services Flex and BRT on the way Steady annual growth of 7% since 2003

6 Today’s Problems: Constrained Service 200 vehicles attempting to serve 1,200 sq. miles Traffic congestion (mitigation) Tampa has worst commute in US according to Forbes Magazine Commuting costs Finding parking Safety Dependence on foreign oil Few travel options

7 Rapid Transit Investment Plan A Citizen-Driven Plan to Improve Mobility Citizen-based Task Force formed by BOCC 16 meetings, 38 presentations, 2 years of work Recommended transit and non-transit projects Bus service expansion, light rail, roadways, intersections and supporting projects Projects would be funded by 1% sales tax 75% transit, 25% non-transit

8 Limited Transit Investment Source: Hillsborough County Budget Office

9 Some Solutions Transit helps Reduce the need for expensive right-of-way acquisition Reduce the growth of congestion Reduce the growth of road construction

10 Some Solutions Transit helps Create jobs Lessen environmental impacts Offer more travel options Cut cost of commuting

11 Some Solutions Transit helps cut the cost of auto ownership $8,500 average annual savings in the Tampa area by not having a vehicle* Factors in the cost of transit passes Transit in Hillsborough County creates a seamless connection to High Speed Rail for future travel to Orlando, Miami and other areas *Source: American Public Transportation Association, calculated 2/25/10 *

12 More service on existing routes New local routes New express routes New FLEX service New circulator service Expanded service on evenings, weekends and holidays More paratransit service for people with disabilities Recommendation: System Expansion

13 Rapid Transit 45 miles of rapid transit USF, Bruce B. Downs Downtown Westshore Linebaugh Brandon South Tampa Future regional connections Recommendation: Rapid Transit

14 Recommendation: Rapid Transit Projects Studying investment travel corridors as part of HART’s alternatives analysis Various transit modes Light Rail Bus Rapid Transit HART has initiated action on the first two light rail system corridors plus a BRT

15 Non-Transit Projects Roads, intersections, other supported projects Managed by County Areas of identified need Recommendation: Non-Transit Projects

16 Benefits of the Plan Helps mitigate traffic Job growth Improve commute time Safer Stops erosion of green areas Commute savings Economic development (TOD)

17 Benefits of the Plan Provide Choices Light Rail HART Flex Local bus Express bus Regional Connections High Speed Rail Connection

18 HART and High Speed Rail

19 Marion Transit Center – adjacent to the High Speed Rail station in Tampa

20 Funding Plan Comprehensive funding program –Local, state and federal –Major local funding source New 1 cent sales tax –75% to transit, 25% non-transit Initiative under review by Hillsborough BOCC –Potential November 2010 Referendum

21 Accountability and Oversight Proposed Inter-Local Agreement language includes oversight committee Experts in finance, accounting, and transportation Not affiliated with government agencies Appointed by the county, cities, and HART Board oversight role for transportation expenditures and plan

22 HART’s Bus Rapid Transit Enhanced bus service Advanced technology Faster travel times What’s Coming Soon

23 What’s Next Hillsborough Light Rail Concept (Provided by Hillsborough MPO) Rapid Transit Light rail could connect residents to employment, medical and educational centers Future rail lines include regional connections Statewide high-speed rail would connect to local light-rail projects

24 HART 2009 Outstanding System Recognized by the Florida Public Transit Association Efficiency Effectiveness Customer Service Fiscal Management and responsibility

25 For more information, visit our website at

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