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2 e-commerce team Page 2 E-COMMERCE  the process of conducting business communication and transactions over networks and through computers. WHAT IS ECOMMERCE  EGP WEBSITE (  EMC WEBSITE (  Shipmentlink (  E-Booking  etc CURRENT ECOMMERCE WE HAVE

3 e-commerce team Page 3 All about EGP local website (

4 e-commerce team Page 4 Whats the advantages of having local website?  Updated Local news and announcement.  Updated Vessel Schedules ex-PHMNL/MJJ.  Website controlled by EGP office.  Easy publication of forms, news and announcement.  Can promote good communication bet. EGP and Customers.  Already known in local industry as official website of EGP in local industry. E-COMMERCE

5 e-commerce team Page 5 Plans for EGP website Links “Several useful links created and maintained by EGP” E-COMMERCE

6 e-commerce team Page 6 Things to highlight while developing EGP website  Time  Cost  Maintenance of the Website  How to promote and advertise local website.  Future updates/improvement for the website. E-COMMERCE

7 e-commerce team Page 7 Presentation of ideas EGP website development and construction

8 e-commerce team Page 8  Improvement of interface / visualization of website in order to attract customer to utilize website.  News announcement, Vessel Updates, EGP announcement/events, etc.  Provide “Frequently Asked Questions” category.  Information about Dept. contact details.  Downloadable files.  World Clock and Calendar.  Contact / Communication Category E-COMMERCE

9 e-commerce team Page 9 Improvement of interface / visualization in order to attract customer to utilize website.  More Images  More user friendly web browsing  Easily downloadable website. News announcement  Easily updated news, such as: ->F/V delays, EGP events, EMC announcement. Surcharges update, etc.  Port announcements, such as: Holiday Office schedule. E-COMMERCE

10 e-commerce team Page 10 Provide “Frequently Asked Questions” category.  E-booking Instructions  Cargo trucking procedure using Shipmentlink  Booking Procedure (Manual / On-Line)  Port Schedules  Containers and its Specifications  Etc. Information about Dept. contact details.  Contact details Local Office and branches.  Department and Sections Contact details. Example:  Contact no. and local# E-COMMERCE

11 e-commerce team Page 11 Downloadable files.  Local Schedules per trade  Announcement  Booking Instruction  Dangerous Cargo Form  Indemnity letter  Company check application  Credit line application World Clock and Calendar (additional feature)  Available world clock per country and state.  Calendar  Local holiday E-COMMERCE

12 e-commerce team Page 12 Communication Category  Presence of Online MA and CS Support, this is to provide immediate attention to accounts inquiry.  Online Email sending via website E-COMMERCE

13 e-commerce team Page 13 Sample plan output

14 e-commerce team Page 14 How to promote EGP website

15 e-commerce team Page 15 Ways to promote:  Introduce website in every sales call.  Appearance of Website address in Calling card and memo pad.  Appearance of Website address in Give away items.  Appearance of Website address in Email Signatures.  News announcement in News paper (Malaya).  Email Announcement to Clients.  Informing a/c about website via sending of Booking confirmation and proof read.  Recorded Voice prompt about EGP website. E-COMMERCE

16 e-commerce team Page 16 ENF OF E-COMMERCE PRESENTATION


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