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Sharon Henderson VP Communication and Public Affairs Chartwell Retirement Residences.

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1 Sharon Henderson VP Communication and Public Affairs Chartwell Retirement Residences


3 Advertising Earned Media Social Media Issue Management How messages are delivered about your residence and your brand:



6  Recommendations from people I know: 84%  Branded Websites 69%  Consumer opinions posted online: 68%  Editorial content such as a newspaper article: 67%  Ads on TV: 62%  Ads in newspapers: 61%  Brand sponsorships: 61%  Ads in magazines: 60%  Emails I signed up for: 56%  Ads on radio: 57%  Ads served on search engine results, online video ads and social network ads: 48%  Online banner ads 42%  Text ads on mobile phones 37%

7  Opportunity to build brand recognition, community awareness and demographic outreach  Powerful tool to build good reputation with community influencers and consumers : legitimacy comes from someone else (respected journalist, news anchor or talk show host) talking positively about us, so it carries more weight  Does not require an expert just genuine, authentic stories combined with planning



10  Compelling resident/employee stories  Newsworthy events  Celebrations  Milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.  Good news  Charitable events, community partnerships  Unique guests  Elected officials, guest speakers, etc. Tips:  Relevance is critical  Uniqueness is important - find your “sweet spot”  Disclose media attendance to staff and residents

11 Before  Media advisory After  Media release + photo Topical  Targeted outreach to local media Experts  On-site support, as needed Tips ◦ Embrace traditional and online mediums ◦ If something is working well, replicate it ◦ Be sure to follow your organization's media protocol when dealing with media

12  Realize the media have a job so understand what they are looking for  Open your doors and let them see the good your residence is doing  Be cautiously accessible  Be genuine – people love authenticity  Be seen as helping others, not helping yourself Tips: ◦ Map out your local media i.e.: who likes human interest stories ◦ Do not “market” to reporters unless you are paying for it ◦ Don’t wear out your welcome



15  “Coroner investigates neglect at local retirement home”  “Senior dies after nurse refuses to give CPR “  “Senior diagnosed with listeriosis after eating tainted meat in nursing home dies”  “Resident abuse alleged in long term care home”  “Fire in seniors home kills 3”  “Senior goes missing from nursing home”  “Theft caught on grannycam”  “Outbreak shuts down seniors residence”  “Senior charged with death of roommate in care home”





20 Accurate Responsive Truthful

21  Have a Plan/Create a Policy  Make sure all staff know what to do if the media calls or a crisis hits – ◦ make sure they know who to transfer the call to ◦ no “off the record” comments ◦ no responding to media calls unless you are designated a residence spokesperson  Before you respond consider the facts, investigate situation  Create key messages – discipline is critical  Train key spokespeople in advance  Monitor what is being said about you

22 1. Acknowledge the situation 2. Accept you don’t have all the answers 3. Avoid personal or specific information in your first response 4. Show you Care


24 “In the absence of consistent messages, employees will fill the void with rumors and speculation. It takes 10 times the effort to correct misinformation than it does to deliver correct information in the first place.” WatsonWyatt Report

25 1. Communicate with staff, residents and stakeholders quickly with the facts and your key messages 2. Don’t hesitate to offer a chance for people to express concerns and answer questions 3. Accept and share whatever “learning opportunities or changes implemented” that come out of the situation 4. Understand that social media comes with its own risks and a long lifecycle


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