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RIP CURL Rip Curl was founded in 1969.

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1 RIP CURL Rip Curl was founded in 1969.
Rip Curl today is a private company with nine corporate licenses that manufactures and sells products from region to region in over 70 countries worldwide.

2 Types of Contact Work teams Suppliers
Professional/ Occupational association Internal/ External Agencies Membership

3 Benefit of Contact Membership will lead to invitations to conferences, seminars and meetings – all fertile fields for meeting others with common interests. The benefits of these sorts of connections are to obtain and maintain personal knowledge and skills and to be able to utilise these for the benefit of the team and organization.

4 Business Goals Using the best materials will make a quality product
Provide a healthy relationship and quality service with its customers Strengthen its brand name to make it as knowledgeable as possible Strengthen relationships with retailers Continue to improve the quality of products Design the best quality products on time

5 Marketing Objectives To enter new markets
To increase brand awareness among customers To design and develop new products that give a competitive edge To increase market share To sponsor surfing on a bigger scale to promote the sport Continue to make core products and develop new ones to increase customer base

6 Occupational Health and Safety Issues
Regular OHS inspections and improvements to workstation ergonomics. Product design position requires strong ideation and creativity and the use of computer software to clearly communicate detailed information to suppliers in order to construct a commercially viable and resolved product.

7 Promotional Methods Customer Service offers personal contact in relation to any matter that you may need addressed an automated and web service that contains the following: Frequently asked questions Warranty Info, Care and Instructions for all products Catalogue and Pricing Guides Shipping Info and Costs Product Return Size Guides Consumer Feedback

8 Promotional Methods Direct marketing is one of several methods incorporated by Rip Curl in their marketing mix. This method of direct response marketing encourages consumers to purchase from a non retail method. The techniques that Rip curl use are direct mail catalogues, mail order and electronic retailing/internet. Advertising on television is largely achieved via affiliation with many surfing competitions. Rip Curl are heavily involved in the sponsorship of individual athletes and surfing championships. However Rip Curl also runs their own ad campaigns on television, in theatres, adshells, buses and billboards.

9 Channels of Distribution
Direct Channel – Rip curl through its ecommerce site and catalogue mail out distributes goods direct to the consumer via Australia Post using a tracking system to ensure consumer confidence. Retailer Channel – Rip Curl send the items direct to its own Rip Curl retailers through Toll Ipec whom transport the goods to the stores for the retailers to sell to the consumer. Wholesaler Channel – Rip Curl is the producer and wholesaler selling goods to independent surfing shops/retailers using Toll Ipec to transport the goods to the independent retailers whom sell the goods to the consumer. Distribution channels therefore are selective which is most appropriate for shopping type goods.

10 Promotional Strategies
Rip Curl uses differential advantage in its promotional strategies outlined as follows: High quality products Finest materials Durable and tough Made for the industry Lifestyle Affordable

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