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Support Lifelong Learning: AAMC & NBME’s New Electronic Portfolio Connector Angelique Johnson Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Leta S. Rose.

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1 Support Lifelong Learning: AAMC & NBME’s New Electronic Portfolio Connector Angelique Johnson Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Leta S. Rose National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

2  Pivio Goals  What’s New?  Data Transfer  Role of Standards  Future Plans  Get Involved  Questions


4  The Pivio system is designed to provide medical students and physicians with a platform to track and document their competency across the span of medical school education, training and professional practice.  System will enable storage and/or transfer of data created throughout an academic and professional career.  It will enable users to share data with credential verification organizations and others at the individual’s control.

5  Motivate physicians towards continuous improvement by: ◦ Increasing awareness of performance against goals ◦ Assist in managing learning plans for growth as a physician ◦ Making profiling their own practice easier, including benchmarking against available standards, to identify needs for continued learning and improvement ◦ Matching identified needs to available resources for performance improvement

6  Make credentialing easier and more streamlined  Allow physicians to release customized practice profiles for their patients  Faster access to verified data in support of self-reported data



9  Pivio is a combination of the word pivot and an abstraction of the Latin word “via” meaning ‘way’, or ‘path’.  The name conveys versatility and a guide in the life-long progression of users as they journey through their academic and professional careers.  The tagline (Manage your records. Master your career.) is a functional description of the product and illustrates how it can assist users with being in control of their information and growth.

10  Platform contract signed. Development of Pivio system has begun.  Website: launched on March 7 th and is viewable at  Email address:  New Pivio Staff: ◦ Angelique Johnson, Director, Operations, AAMC ◦ Mary Drescher, Manager, Medical School Relationships, AAMC ◦ Leta Rose, Program Administrator, NBME

11  Timeline Development Pilot Release Full Release for Students and Residents April-July 2013 Summer 2013 Early 2014 Features for Additional Audiences After Launch


13 Pivio The Pivio system will connect with several organizations and services relevant to medical students, residents and physicians.


15 An app that compiles data reports for the learner and/or other authorized viewers A hub connecting data repositories that can provide information to the Pivio system

16 CVO takes further steps necessary for credentialing Verifies other informationCommunicates with hospital(s), etc. User asks Pivio to send information to a CVO for the purpose of credentialing Unofficial resume informationOfficial documents from Data Commons User keeps “achievement” and “identity” information in the Pivio system Reports of ScoresResume style information

17  In pilot/launch users will be able to import information from ACGME case logs  On April 1 st, AAMC/NBME hosted a Clinical Thought Leaders discussion on case logs  Should we be considering development of a standard for case logs?


19  Accelerated a competency standard to enable easy management of competency information across specialties ◦ A standards research report is now available ◦ Development of the XML specification and web service to advance lifelong learning and continuous improvement is underway  Continuing work with MedBiquitous to assess the ability to include the Educational Trajectory, Professional Profile, and other standards

20  Working with PESC to create a more widely used electronic portfolio standard and include support for this standard in future versions of the Pivio system  Centered around data flow across institutions by creating similarities across data fields  Development of these standards will allow Pivio to connect with other systems/tools to pre-populate certain data more efficiently  A draft standard should be presented in May at the PESC Data Summit


22  Competency tracking  Reflection and learning plan templates  Benchmarking/Comparative tools  Learning pathways and education/program tools  Integration with other AAMC/NBME programs  Development of additional features for physicians and allied health professionals  What else should be on our radar?


24  Medical students, residents, faculty and program staff have participated  Topics include marketing, pricing, features/functionality, and CV/Resume templates  Focus groups will continue to be utilized to assist the team in future development and planning of the Pivio system  To participate in a focus group or to recommend someone, contact

25  Pilot scheduled for Summer 2013  Goal: to gather information about user experience, how they use the system, functionality and perceived benefits  Criteria to participate in the pilot includes: ◦ Thought leaders at institutions ◦ Geographically and demographically diverse ◦ Users and non-users of current ePortfolio platforms  Interested in participating? Contact us at

26  For questions about Pivio, to participate in the pilot and/or user group, or for general feedback:  Also, visit  Talk to members of the Pivio team at this conference: Dana Bostrom, Angelique Johnson, and Leta Rose


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