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Extended Learning Module I

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1 Extended Learning Module I
Building an E-Portfolio

2 INTRODUCTION Electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) – has been described in a range of ways, with most recognizing the primary role of information and communications technologies in describing the “e”

3 ELECTRONIC JOB MARKET Electronic job market – makes use of many Internet technologies to recruit employees The average cost per hire through… Online recruiting is $152 Traditional methods is $1,383

4 Convergence of Online Networking and Resume Development
Hidden job market – unposted positions Up to 80% of new jobs fall into this category Today’s electronic world uses automated résumé tracking systems Reduce the time it takes to manually review, sort, and file large numbers of résumés

5 Sample Self-Assessment Tool

6 Weak vs. Strong Objective Statements

7 Résumé Sections Contact information Objective Qualifications Education Work experience Activities

Four reasons why you should develop an e-portfolio: An e-portfolio can give you instant credibility A Web site provides access anytime to you and examples of your work A Web site shows that you are current and up-to-date A Web site expands your exposure and increases your visibility worldwide

9 Give Them What They Want
What future employers are looking for when they visit your Web site: Lots of work Creativity Strategy Good architecture

10 The Shape of an e-Portfolio
Biographical Information Online Portfolio Examples of your work and information about your skills and talents Contact Information

11 E-Gallery Writing samples
Spreadsheets or other applications of business tools Demonstrations of analytical, tracking, planning, or management skills Presentations that you have developed

12 PREPARING WEB CONTENT Gather all the material Objective statement
résumé formats e-gallery examples

13 PREPARING WEB CONTENT Write one key sentence (30 words) describing your e-portfolio Write down 10 single keywords and 10 key phrases (2-3 words) that could be used to reference the site Create a digital image of a logo or photograph Look at other e-portfolios on the Web

14 Test, Test, Test 94 percent of people browsing the Web use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 percent of your audience is using another Web browser 5 percent of Internet users have a Macintosh

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