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Automation for Human Resources in the K-12 Education space.

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1 Automation for Human Resources in the K-12 Education space

2 BSC is a regional leader and provider of document management solutions and conversion services. Provide cost effective solutions to many organizations for the last 38 years. Expertise of unique and various applications which enables us to offer you the best solution for your needs. Ernest Hughston, Executive Director-Operations & Technology

3 The Real Statistics 90% of corporate memory exists on paper. Companies spend $20 in labor to file a document, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document, and $220 in labor to reproduce a lost document. 7.5% of all documents get lost, 3% of the remainder get misfiled. Managers spend an average of 4 weeks a year searching for or waiting on misfiled,mislabeled, untracked or lost information. Office workers can waste up to 2 hours a day looking for misplaced paperwork.

4 All of these documents, forms, etc. found in your employee files come from “somewhere” Paper forms Faxes Emails Reports, etc. The Paper Challenge

5 Email Web Pages Enterprise Applications Paper Documents & Files Fax Electronic Documents Forms Reports Mail Graphics, Video, & Audio Blueprints & Photos XML & Meta Data Print Output Content Sources

6 How It Really Works… Manual processes and operational bottlenecks that increase costs Slow response time and customer dissatisfaction that can affect operations Compliance and litigation risk Document storage and retrieval costs

7 From a Paper Problem… Document files are growing at 20% annually 5% of all documents are filed incorrectly, even with the best records management Professionals spend over 150 hours annually looking for incorrectly-filed documents Professionals spend over 500 hours reviewing and routing files (*Source: International Records Management Council Study)

8 …To a Content Crisis Enterprises Now Need to: Manage a vast, fast-rising tide of data, both electronic and paper, including scanned documents, electronic documents, forms, reports, etc. Assure quick, reliable, 24x7 access to all kinds of business-critical information Enable multiple groups to use content for different purposes: Employee Information - Human Resources, Benefits, Management Contracts, Policies - Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Legal, Sales MANY others…….

9 So what can we do?

10 Start SOMEWHERE!!

11 Capture Store Scan eForm Import files Retrieve Database On-site or hosted Easy access Security concerns Basic Scan/Store/Retrieve

12 What if I want to take it further?

13 Automated Workflow Electronic Forms Integration with front-end and back-end systems

14 Example/Case Study

15 Web-based Applicant Tracking System All applications Filebound ECM originally installed for Student Records Mainframe-based HR, Payroll & Accounting system TOTALLY PAPER-BASED! Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

16 Data Integrity Time involved in completing the Onboarding of new employees Paper-based system made reporting and quality assurance difficult Challenges facing MNPS

17 Vacancy Requests completed by hiring manager via on-line eForm Automated workflow approval process Communication with requestor via email After Vacancy Request processed, jobs advertised and applied for via on-line Applicant Tracking system New Automated Onboarding Process

18 Once hiring Manager chooses a candidate, Request for Hire eForm completed Paperless process to secure all required documents Consent for Background Check (fingerprinting) License Verification information All required on-boarding documents Background check License Verification check All “other” required documents (I-9, W4, Benefit forms, etc.) Salary Assignment based on information provided by applicant All communication with applicant via email Once all documents received, data is uploaded to HR/Payroll/Accounting system New Automated Onboarding Process

19 Data Integrity improved: No “free-form” fields – extensive use of drop-downs, etc. Data look-ups Data validation on eForms Numeric only Formatting (SS#, Dates, etc.) Requests are processed in a more timely fashion Reporting improved with respect to timeliness and integrity of data Were Goals met?

20 Provide a demonstration of how automation can help you Commitment-free analysis and discovery related to your processes Recommendations for improvements How can BSC help you?

21 Questions? Call BSC Today: (205) 988-3300

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