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Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Overview Dirk Sommermeyer.

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1 Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Overview Dirk Sommermeyer

2 1 The social dimension of health, Section 2, published by the European Commission 2001. Ageing Europe – Prognosis for demographic development 11

3 Initiatives/Activities at European level

4 Initiatives/Activities at national level (Germany)

5 Initiatives/Activities at national level (Germany)

6 EnvironmentHome mobility health & wellness hobbies quality of life security, privacy supply (food,…) home care finance social interaction information, education profession Topics for a high quality of life

7 Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) “Ambient Assisted Living” (AAL) comprises concepts, products and services which connect and improve new technologies and social life in order to improve quality of life in all periods of life. more / less Age Skills Technical assistance needs

8 Selected Topics  Health care / prevention  Social participation  Mobility  Security  Improving quality of life by good maintenance processes  General questions about a society of longer lifes

9 GEWOS Fitness/Motion Chair


11 Medical health care Focus on the patient  Combine daily monitoring of vital parameters with interactive learning  Step-by-step increase of knowledge about the own health status/disease  Setup of a quiz in order to assess learning success  Motivation and a feeling of security by direct feedback on input/answers  Increase self-confidence and responsibility to deal with the disease.

12 AiperCare

13 Data flow Online platform / Data base activity location alarm reminder communication monitoring visualization reminder communication patient Care giver / Manager / family member

14 Social communication

15 Mobility


17 Security Sensfloor

18 Smart home

19 Apps for dementia

20 Ethics  The European Socities are (statistically) richer than they have ever been before  We reduced social ties for many years in order to allow people to become more „productive“  Nowadays social ties are missing for caring for needy people  Major amounts of our wealth has now to be used for social transfers and technical innovations in order to assure the needed care.  Technical systems will be able to assist human help but it will not be able to replace it!  There is a risk that technical solutions become an end in itself!

21 In an maximal development, the system technological approach of AAL could imply a strong and regulating encroachment in the personal lifestyle. Despite people agree to such technical systems it can happen that the conditio humana („the unique and inescapable features of being human in a social, cultural, and personal context”) is affected in a way so that we have to decline the measure due to ethical reasons! Ambient Assisted Living House keepinglifestyleHealth monitoring

22 A technological understanding of „independent living“ and a wrong understanding of autonomy could have unwanted effects and consequences for the person concerned: The ethically legitimated desire for personal care will be answered by technical solutions and thereby ignored!

23 Research on ethics in the AAL context  Identification of ethical problems in the AAL context  Evaluation of ethical arguments of stakeholders  Development of ethical guidelines

24 Thank you!

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