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Email Doc Signing 1 ) Why is it good business for me, my clients and my company? 2)How does it work?

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1 Email Doc Signing 1 ) Why is it good business for me, my clients and my company? 2)How does it work?

2 If your client resides in Greater Los Angeles: Your modus operandi probably involves contacting a signing service and you overnight the docs to their notary. Their notary completes the signing and returns the docs to you via overnight courier.

3 Is there a better way? A faster, more efficient method that saves your company money and yet has lower overall costs?

4 The answer is YES!!!

5 Via Email!

6 When you complete your doc signing via email you: Save time by delivering loan docs electronically. Save money on overnight courier fees. Save money on doc printing. and Most importantly, you provide your clients with faster more efficient service!

7 How does it work??? It’s simpler than calling a signing service.

8 All you need do: 1. Place a call to me (David) at 310-869-4240 to advise me what time your client wants to sign. or, easier still, 2. Provide me with client contact information and preferred signing time and I can arrange the signing and advise. Use whatever is most convenient for you.

9 Next you arrange for email doc delivery. The most effective way is to forward the email you received with the link to the website that contains the docs. I can access and print from that. Some prefer to print the docs and scan them to PDF format and then email. The choice is yours.

10 All that’s left is to: Forward via email or fax your escrow docs. I will print and add them to the loan docs. Last thing I need is a return shipping label or your overnight courier account number so I can return the docs to you after the signing. It’s smart and simple!

11 Here’s the best part… You get this great service for only $150.00 Most signing services charge at least ONE THIRD more for the exact same service.

12 It sounds like a great deal, but… You have some questions. Let me try and answer them for you.

13 Why are Email Doc Signings better than calling a signing service? 1) You save 25% or more; this means your customer pays less; 2) You speed the transaction; often times same day signings are possible; 3) I have completed hundreds of email signings and have the experience to get the job done right; 4) I have years of experience as an escrow officer and have been a traveling notary for more than 6 years; 5) I am able to charge lower fees because I cut out the middle man. Many signing services pay their notaries only one third of the signing fee they charge you and keep the rest for their overhead. Because of this, they are forced seek out notaries who are willing to work for very low fees. The best notaries will not work for fees that low. You have to ask yourself what kind of notary am I getting when I use a signing service???

14 It’s smart, simple and very cost effective. What’s stopping you from picking up the phone and calling? Want an added incentive to try it? How about your first signing for $125? Consider it done; simply as for the “Power Point Special Pricing”. David 310-869-4240 Los Angeles

15 The small print: 1)Relevance is listed on the North American Title Company “Preferred Vendor” list, so it’s OK to do business with us. 2)I have completed many signings for the Glendale office of North American Title and would be happy to provide references there that you may contact. 3)Signings to extreme remote areas of LA County (Lancaster and Palmdale) and Orange County as well as western San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and southern Ventura County require a $25 fuel surcharge. Please inquire for clarification. David 310-869-4240 Los Angeles


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