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College and Career Readiness Start Now!. Five Pillars.

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1 College and Career Readiness Start Now!

2 Five Pillars

3 Graduation Requirements




7 Tips for College Admission O Take core courses all four years. O Take rigorous courses. O Maintain a competitive GPA. O Get involved! O Volunteer!

8 So what...Start Now!

9 Checklist: Elementary Students O To Do O Do your best in school. O Read a lot. O Have fun learning! O To Explore O Visit to learn about jobs and to find fun games to play O Check out the Kids’ Zone at if you like such games as puzzles and math O

10 Checklist: Elementary Parents O To Do O Help your kindergartner develop an interest in reading and by reading aloud to him or her. O Check your child’s homework and follow his or her progress in school by looking at report cards and attending teacher conferences. O Start saving for your child’s college education. Learn about the tax advantages of state college savings plans and prepaid tuition plans at O

11 Checklist: Elementary Parents O To Explore O Read “Saving Early = Saving Smart!” at This handout explains why it’s never too early to save money for college and how to use such resources as college savings plans and federal student aid. O Check out Helping Your Child Become a Reader at (click on “Helping your Child”) to learn how to create a foundation for learning for children up to age 6. The publication includes activities that make learning experiences out of daily routines and provides a list of resources for parents. O

12 Checklist: Middle School Students O To Do O Think about college as an important part of your future. O Start saving for college if you haven’t already. O Take challenging and interesting classes to prepare for high school. O Ask your parent or guardian to help you research which special programs will most benefit your interests. O Develop strong study habits. O Do your best in school and on standardized tests. O Become involved in community or school-based activities. O Speak with adults who you think have interesting jobs. O

13 Checklist: Middle School Students O To Explore O Find out why you should prepare for college now at O Browse My Future, My Way: First Steps Toward College, a workbook for middle school students, at O Learn about a wide variety of careers-both at NASA and elsewhere-at 8/career/ 8/career/index.html O

14 Checklist: Middle School Parents O To Do O Use FAFSA4caster at to find out how much federal student aid your child might O Continue saving for your child's college education. Find out additional information at O Talk to your child about his or her interests and help match those interests with a college major and career. O Help you child develop good study habits. O Stay in contact with your child’s teachers and counselor. O Keep an eye on you child’s grades on his or her tests and report cards. O

15 Checklist: Middle School Parents O To Explore O Get tips from the following documents at (click on “Helping your Child”). O Helping your Child with Homework O Helping your Child through Early Adolescence O Browse Parent Power at for ideas to help you support your child as he or she transitions into high O

16 Save Now! Public 2-yearPublic 4-yearPrivate 4-year Tuition/Fees$2,340$7,642$23,664 Books/Supplies$1,525$1,176$1,118 Room/Board$6,827$8,582$7,720 Transportation$2,145$2,031$1,512 Misc./Personal$2,007$2,035$1,701 Total$14,844$21,466$35,715 *estimated for 2013-2014 school year

17 Resources O O O O O O O O O O O O

18 Laura Carlin-Gonzalez Director of College and Career Readiness 512.594.0116

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