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2 Question 5  A large percentage of goods bought in America today are made in China. These products are transported to us by either ship or plane. This was not always the way goods were transported. Describe the main route used during the Han dynasty and the high-priced goods which were traded.

3 The Silk Road

4 The Silk Road  Emperor Han Wudi ordered Zhang Qian to explore west of China  After 13 years, he returned to tell of many different people (Roman Empire & Kazakhstan)  He sent Zhang back to get war horses from the Kazakhs  This trade route became the Silk Road

5 The Silk Road  Over 4,000 miles, from China to SW Asia  Camels were used to transport goods  Arabs continued on westward, taking Chinese goods on into Europe  The trip was dangerous and expensive  The route covered mountains and deserts  There were many bandits along the way  Many taxes were charged to cross the lands of other kingdoms

6 The Silk Road  Chinese goods that were traded:  Silk  Porcelain  Spices  Tea  Jade

7 Question 8  What is the Torah?

8 The Torah  The Torah is the laws of the Jewish people  The first five books of the Jewish Bible (or Old Testament) make up the Torah  The Torah contains the Ten Commandments and these books were said to be written by Moses  There are 613 laws in the Torah, called the Mosaic Laws, after Moses  The Torah is traditionally handwritten on scrolls by specially trained scholars, who speak every word as it is written

9 The Torah

10 Question 10  What kinds of things were buried with the pharaohs? Why?

11 Egyptian Pharaohs’ Tombs  Egyptian religion emphasized the importance of being prepared for the afterlife  This was most important for the Pharaoh, who was a god on earth  The Pharaoh’s body would be mummified and placed in nested coffins  The coffins and interior of the tomb would be decorated with texts from the Book of the Dead

12 Egyptian Pharaohs’ Tombs  All of the items the Pharaoh may need in the afterlife are sealed in the tomb with the Pharaoh’s coffins  Furniture  Food  Clothing  Jewelry  Artwork  LOTS OF STUFF!

13 Egyptian Pharaohs’ Tombs

14 Egyptian Pharaohs’ Tombs

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