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Meeting #122 Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group February 11 th, 2015 Administering Your SharePoint Environment Brian.

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1 Meeting #122 Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group February 11 th, 2015 Administering Your SharePoint Environment Brian Caauwe Donald Donais

2 Meeting #122 Agenda MNSPUG Information What is a SharePoint Administrator? Core Checklist Application Checklist BREAK Integrations Patching Troubleshooting

3 Meeting #122 User Group Goal / Objectives Develop and support a local community focused on Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Educate user group members about SharePoint Technologies Transfer knowledge within the community Communicate best practices Introduce new products / solutions

4 Meeting #122 MNSPUG Sponsors Wrox Press ( O’Reilly ( Dedicated Sponsors Avtex ( Microsoft ( Annual Sponsor Currently Looking for Sponsorships! SharePoint User Group Support

5 Meeting #122 MN SharePoint Users Group Website SharePoint Resource Documents SharePoint Resource links RSS Feeds Meeting Schedule Past User Group Presentations Past User Group Recordings Sponsorship Information Email:

6 Meeting #122 Social Networking Linked In group – The most interactive… includes job postings…  Post Job Posting on the Jobs Discussion page  Twitter tags - @MNSPUG and #MNSPUG Yammer – Minnesota SharePoint Users Group 

7 Meeting #122 Upcoming Schedule Next Meeting  March 11 th, 2015 – SharePoint Workflow and Forms  Microsoft Technology Center, Edina, MN  Check for updates! Ongoing Schedule  2 nd Wednesday of every month  9:00 to 11:30 am  Microsoft Technical Center – Edina Calling All Members! User Case Studies for April 2015 Criteria: Solution using SharePoint Does Not Have to Be Large Project Solved a Given Business Issue Email: Calling All Members! User Case Studies for April 2015 Criteria: Solution using SharePoint Does Not Have to Be Large Project Solved a Given Business Issue Email:

8 Meeting #122 Local and Online Events

9 Meeting #122 Evaluations & Giveaways!

10 Meeting #122 Presenter

11 Meeting #122 Brian Caauwe SharePoint Consultant & Speaker  Email:  Twitter: @bcaauwe  Blog: Technical Editor  Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration Certifications  MCM: SharePoint Server 2010

12 Meeting #122 Poll SharePoint Version  2007 – WSS, MOSS  2010 – SPF, Server, FAST  2013 – SPF, Server Work Roles  SharePoint Administrator  SharePoint Developer  Business User  Other

13 Meeting #122 What is a SharePoint Administrator?

14 Meeting #122 What is a SharePoint Administrator? Governs Infrastructure Administers Patching Oversees Security Requires SQL Understands Licensing Maintains Backups SharePoint Product Expert Helpdesk Analyst

15 Meeting #122 What skills does a SharePoint Administrator need? Historical Infrastructure SharePoint Scripting Security Identity Management Information Management SQL Storage

16 Meeting #122 What skills does a SharePoint Administrator need? Future Infrastructure SharePoint Scripting Security Identity Management Information Management

17 Meeting #122 What does that mean for me? Less of this

18 Meeting #122 Focus on Product Knowledge Understand Features Content Management Search Managed Metadata User Profile etc. High-level Object Model SPWebApplication SPServiceApplication SPServiceInstance SPContentDatabase SPSite SPWeb SPList SPListItem SPFile

19 Meeting #122 What does that mean for me? More of this

20 Meeting #122 Reconnect with YOUR customers Ask the tough questions Does the Information Architecture still make sense? What business solutions does your deployment solve? What customizations could now be done out of the box? Do my users “REALLY” need to use that feature / widget? Plan for the future, not just today Just because your CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD

21 Meeting #122 Core Checklist

22 Meeting #122 Core Checklist - Daily Analyze Memory Utilization  Available MBs  Pages / Sec CPU Utilization  % Processor Time Event Viewer  Critical  Error  Warnings Tools Task Manager Performance Monitor

23 Meeting #122 Core Checklist - Daily Validation Backups  Native Windows  SQL (Server AND Databases)  3rd Party

24 Meeting #122 Core Checklist - Weekly Analyze Application Pools  Memory Usage  Recycling Services  Log in user  Status Disk Space  SharePoint  SQL Validation Physical Hardware  Network(s)  Admin Access  Virtual Host Allocation

25 Meeting #122 Core Checklist - Monthly Analyze Traffic Windows Updates Maintain IIS Logs Event Logs Reports Compile Monthly Capacity trends Compile Monthly Availability trends

26 Meeting #122 Core Checklist - Quarterly Analyze Disk Performance  SharePoint  SQL Group Policy Security Audit Disaster Recovery Maintain Refresh Environments

27 Meeting #122 Core Checklist - Annually Maintain SSL Certificates  IIS / MMC Snap-in  Certificate Chain  Expiration Dates Licensing Reports Provide Annual Server Availability Report Provide Annual Disk Capacity Report Validation Disaster Recovery

28 Meeting #122 Application Checklist

29 Meeting #122 Application Checklist - Daily Analyze ULS Logs  Filter High / Critical / Unexpected  Growth Patterns

30 Meeting #122 Application Checklist - Daily Analyze Health Analyzer

31 Meeting #122 Application Checklist – Health Analyzer Yammer Suggestion Databases require upgrade or not supported Databases running in compatibility range, upgrade recommended Databases used by SharePoint have outdated index statistics Distributed cache service is not enabled in this deployment Drives used for SQL databases are running out of free space Expired sessions are not being deleted from ASP.NET Session State database Firewall client settings on the cache host are incorrect One of the cache hosts in the cluster is down One or more servers is not responding … Health Analyzer Rule Reference

32 Meeting #122 Application Checklist - Daily Maintain SharePoint Incident Management Validation SharePoint Backup Process System Status  Sites access (multiple account roles)  Search  User Profile

33 Meeting #122 Application Checklist - Weekly Analyze Search Crawl History User Profile Sync History Timer Job History Maintain Frequently Asked Questions Governance Enforcement Change Management Review Database Maintenance

34 Meeting #122 Application Checklist - Monthly Analyze Customization Deployment Discover Dormant Sites Site Collection Sizing SharePoint Database Growth Patterns Validation SharePoint Backup Process Reports SharePoint Incident Report

35 Meeting #122 Application Checklist - Quarterly Analyze Capacity Planning Disaster Recovery User Maintenance Maintain SharePoint Patching

36 Meeting #122 Application Checklist - Annually Analyze Information Architecture Review Maintain Disaster Recovery Reports Provide Annual SharePoint Capacity Report Provide Annual Usage Report

37 Meeting #122 Break Time

38 Meeting #122 Integrations

39 Meeting #122 Integrations Suggestion from Yammer Office Web Apps Workflow Manager

40 Meeting #122 Office Web Apps SharePoint 2010 Installed ON SharePoint Server Dedicated resource for SharePoint Services / Service Applications  Excel Service  PowerPoint Service  Word Viewing Service Caches information in a special site collection  /sites/Office_Viewing_Service_Cache

41 Meeting #122 Office Web Apps SharePoint 2013 Cannot be installed on SharePoint Server Shared resource for SharePoint, Exchange, Lync Can only be downloaded through MS Volume Licensing Connect through WOPI Bindings  Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol  Use SSL Communication

42 Meeting #122 Office Web Apps Validate Office Web Apps Farm Get-OfficeWebAppsFarm

43 Meeting #122 Office Web Apps Validating SharePoint Integration Get-SPWOPIZone  Check what zone the FARM will connect to Get-SPWOPISuppressionSetting  Use to force Excel Services Get-SPWOPIBinding  Validate all bindings setup for SharePoint

44 Meeting #122 Office Web Apps Ensure SharePoint can talk to Office Web Apps

45 Meeting #122 Office Web Apps Office Web Apps Communication End user needs to be able to communicate DIRECTLY with WOPI URL Office Web Apps servers need to communicate with SharePoint (Default Zone) Do NOT test with System Account  Cannot resolve UPN for SHAREPOINT\system

46 Meeting #122 Workflow Manager New for SharePoint 2013 Allows non sequential workflows in SharePoint Designer (Stages) New actions  Call HTTP Web Service  Looping  Start 2010 workflow NOT Required for SharePoint 2013 Can continue to use SharePoint 2010 workflows  MIGHT still want 2010 workflwos for SharePoint activities

47 Meeting #122 Workflow Manager Installation Dedicated (installed ON SharePoint Servers) Shared (installed OFF SharePoint Servers) Architecture 1 server vs. 3 servers No other REAL options SharePoint Needs Workflow Client for communication Create Service Application Proxy Validate SharePoint Connection URI Use SSL Communication

48 Meeting #122 Patching

49 Meeting #122 Patching Three types of “SharePoint” patches Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) Cumulative Updates (CU) Service Packs (SP) Check Office Updates Don’t Forget to Patch other systems Office Web Apps Workflow Management SQL

50 Meeting #122 SharePoint Patching Everyone has their own “method” ALWAYS read the release notes Security QFE’s  Throw down ONLY if fixes a current issue Cumulative Updates (CU)  Uber vs. Non-Uber updates  N-1 UBER updates Service Packs  2 months after general availability

51 Meeting #122 SharePoint Patching Continued 2 Step Process Install Bits Take server out of load balancer Install Patch Put server back into load balancer Rinse and Repeat for ALL SharePoint Servers Schema Changes Upgrade-SPContentDatabase  Snapshot eligible (With SQL Enterprise) Upgrade-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication PSConfig / PSConfigUI (SharePoint Product and Configuration Wizard)

52 Meeting #122 Office Web Apps Patching MUCH Different Method 1 st Server  Remove Server from Load Balancer  Remove Server from WOPI Farm  Install Bits  Create NEW WOPI Farm  Add to Load Balancer Remaining Servers  Remove from Load Balancer  Remove Server from OLD WOPI Farm  Install Bits  Attach to NEW WOPI Farm  Add to Load Balancer

53 Meeting #122 Workflow Manager Patching Coordinate with SharePoint Updates Multiple Components Workflow Manager Workflow Client Update Workflow Activities (PowerShell) $credential = [System.Net.CredentialCache]::DefaultNetworkCredentials $site = Get-SPSite("") $proxy = Get-SPWorkflowServiceApplicationProxy $svcAddress = $proxy.GetWorkflowServiceAddress($site) Copy-SPActivitiesToWorkflowService -WorkflowServiceAddress $svcAddress -Credential $credential -Force $true

54 Meeting #122 Troubleshooting

55 Meeting #122 Troubleshooting Feel this way often?

56 Meeting #122 Troubleshooting Accurate Time + Correlation ID

57 Meeting #122 Correlation ID Unique to EACH request Surfaced in Developer Dashboard Response Header SPRequestGuid  Use Fiddler DON’T Search the internet for it

58 Meeting #122 Correlation ID Tips Let tools help you out PowerShell  New-SPLogFile Starts a brand new log file on the single server  Merge-SPLogFile Compiles logs from all servers to a single file

59 Meeting #122 Correlation ID Tips ULS Viewer 

60 Meeting #122 Troubleshooting Suggestions from Yammer User Information Forms Based Authentication

61 Meeting #122 User Information User data lives in multiple places Site Collection User Info List  /_layouts/15/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=0  Object Model / PowerShell SPWeb.AllUsers User Profile Service  Daily scheduled import  Timer jobs sync to site collections Search Index  sps3 or sps3s protocol

62 Meeting #122 Forms Based Authentication Configuration Central Administration  Authentication Provider Role Manager Membership Provider web.config Locations  Central Administration  Security Token Service  Web Application Entries must ALL match  connectionString  applicationName  roleManager  membershipProvider

63 Meeting #122 Forms Based Authentication Tools IIS  Can manage users  Configure providers and connection strings  Set providers as DEFAULT SharePoint 2013 FBA Pack 

64 Meeting #122 Resources MSDN Microsoft.SharePoint Namespace  us/library/office/microsoft.sharepoint(v=office.15).aspx us/library/office/microsoft.sharepoint(v=office.15).aspx SharePoint for IT Pros  Troubleshooting SharePoint 2013  ULS Viewer  SharePoint Health Analyzer rules reference (SharePoint 2013) 

65 Meeting #122 Resources Office Updates  SharePoint 2013 Build Numbers  Apply Software Updates for Office Web Apps Server  Update Workflow in SharePoint 2013 

66 Meeting #122 Last But Not Least Please Fill Out Evaluations Drawings for Giveaways Online Participants Eval  Today’s Presenters: Brian Caauwe

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