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Maximizing “Human Capital” Performance Management: Mentoring, Team Analysis & 360 Peer Reviews Assessments USA & Canada 800-808-6311 805-934-5956

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1 Maximizing “Human Capital” Performance Management: Mentoring, Team Analysis & 360 Peer Reviews Assessments USA & Canada 800-808-6311 805-934-5956

2 2 Have you ever wondered why some employees never reach their full potential?

3 3 You Need Some Tool To Identify Their STRENGTHS… And Build Upon Them

4 Retention & Development 360 Peer Reviews 360 SkillBuilders Increased Productivit y What Every Organization Needs To Provide Mentoring & Motivation Coaching Reports Team Compatibility Performance Management

5 5 Recent surveys tells us that Managers spend 60% of their time: What they lack is an easy-to-get, easy-to-use, assessment which tells them why their people act the way they do and what motivates them. Fixing People Challenges

6 6 Assessments are the only way to really know and understand your people

7 Profile Job Coaching Reports Performance Indicator Mentoring Reports Team Balance & Synergy & SynergyAnalysis Checkpoint 360° Multi-Rater Eval 360° SkillBuilder Leadership Modules


9 9 Does Your Corporate Mentoring Program Include Coaching Your People In These Important Areas? Management Style Performance Indicators 1.Increased Productivity 2. Higher Quality Work 3. More Initiative Taken 4. Improved Teamwork 5. Better Problem Solving 6. Reduced Stress, Frustration, & Conflict 7. Increased Employee Motivation

10 10 The Individual Report Information an employee can use for their own self-improvement and personal growth... It’s the “User’s Guide” The Management Report Information Managers need to use right away to understand the people they manage…

11 11 Performance Management ProfilesTeamAnalysis

12 12 TEAM ANALYSIS The Team Leader’s Ultimate Tool A Powerful Assessment which reveals the Team’s Synergy and Balance All Team Leader’s need a “User’s Guide” for every person who works on their team. A 21-Page Leader’s Guide For Up To 12 People

13 13 1.Team Balance Table 2.Characteristics Missing 3.12 Critical Behavioral Factors Needed by a Balanced & Productive Team 4.Team Leader’s 21-Page Action Summary CONTROL SOCIAL PATIENCE PRECISION AMBITION POSITIVE EXPECTANCY COMPOSURE ANALYTICAL RESULTS ORIENTATION EMOTIONS TEAM PLAYER QUALITY ORIENTATION

14 14 ·Improves Team Performance ·Builds the Leader’s Effectiveness ·Diminishes Stress, Frustration and Conflict ·Improves Team Member’s Morale ·Cuts Waste of Valuable Resources ·Creates an Awareness of Possible Problem Areas So They Can Be Anticipated and Avoided How You Benefit with

15 15 ? ? ? ? ?

16 16 Key Skills Required of Successful Leaders Communication Leadership Adaptability Relationships Task Management Production Development of Others Personal Development

17 17 What is a 360° multi-rater Feedback system? › Supervisor › Colleagues (peers) › Direct Reports (subordinates) New model that improves the appraisal process Provides Multi-rater feedback Taps the collective wisdom of those who work most closely with the individual: Gives leaders & managers clear understanding of personal strengths and any areas of leadership they need to develop

18 18 Checkpoint 360° Review Process Motivates behavior change Participative Balanced Time efficient Equitable 360° Review Process Manager Direct Report Peer Manager Boss

19 19 Communication Including the skills of Listening to others, processing information and communicating effectively. Leadership Covering the abilities of instilling trust, providing direction and delegating responsibility. Adaptability Encompassing the skills of adjusting to circumstances and thinking creatively. Relationships Assessing the capabilities to build relationships and facilitate team success.

20 20 Task Management Gauging the level of aptitude for working efficiently and competently. Production Appraising ability to initiate action and achieve results. Development of Others Measuring proficiencies in cultivating individual talents and motivating successfully. Personal Development Including the behaviors of displaying commitment and seeking improvement.

21 21 Why Companies Use Multi- Rater Feedback System For... Individual career development Identifying training needs and measuring training effectiveness Leadership and management development Building team performance Performance appraisals Succession planning Changing their corporate culture

22 22 Benefits of Using the Profiles Checkpoint 360° Feedback System Improved Job Performance Increased Productivity More Effective Managers & Leaders Aligning Employees’ Performance With Company Goals Increased Retention of Your Key People Higher Morale and Increased Commitment to Excellence

23 Benefits You Gain From Using Assessments n You identify the characteristics of your top performers n You maximize employee and team productivity n You develop and retain more top performers

24 24 “Put the right person in the right job, train and motivate them, give them an opportunity for advancement, and your company will grow and prosper” J.W. Marriott

25 25 Assessments Can Help You n Screen & Hire People With Your Job Match n Build & Evaluate Effective Teams n Create World Class Customer Delight n Develop Quota-Busting Sales Departments n Receive Objective Management Feedback n Create Effective & Profitable Call Centers n Develop a HR Strategic Compliance System

26 26 21 st Century Leadership Management by Assessments (MBA) Create a Corporate MBA Program n Enhance Existing Position Descriptions by Creating Job Benchmarks n Provide Profile Coaching and Individual Reports n Create Corporate Mentoring Program by using Performance Indicator n Compile a 21-page Team Analysis Report for each Team Leaders n Administer the 360 Multi-Rater Checkpoint to create a baseline of Leadership Competencies and create an action plan for future leadership development

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