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Auditing a website (The second individual assignment) Sultan Alkhuzam.

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1 Auditing a website (The second individual assignment) Sultan Alkhuzam

2 Outline.  Introduction ( Background)  Strengths.  Weaknesses.  Opportunities.  Threats  Recommendations.

3 Introduction.  Selling shoes.  Broadway, New York, NY.  Two Locations ( Kids and adults). 

4 Strengths  Having a certificate from MacAfee Security which tests the website every day.  Subscription with Price grabber.

5 Strengths.  an easy way to sort brands, Genders, and occasions.

6 Strengths.  customers are able to enlarge pictures of products.

7 Strengths.  Toll free number.  Contact Store through sending messages in website.

8 Strengths.  HARRY'S SHOES emailing list.  Opt out Option.

9 Strengths  Good Google search engine results. (Harry Potter)

10 Weaknesses.  a request on 2009-03-18. (No respond yet).  No reference number.

11 Weaknesses  New design, but lost database.  I have registered twice.

12 Weaknesses.  Security issues. ( Chrome, Google).  the identity of this website hasn’t been verified.

13 Opportunities.  Harry’s Shoes isn’t a local store any more( worldwide).  For the long run, No need for Physical stores. (Internet store)  Reduce the costs. Offering competitive prices.

14 Opportunities.  For the local store’s customers, there is a better chance for them to adopt the idea of buying online.  affiliate marketing is an affective way to utilize other websites’ brand equity.

15 Threats.  Competing with giants. ( Amazon, Ebay)  Word of Mouth. ( More risky for small businesses).  Hard to be in the top results of a search engines

16 Recommendations.  Redesign the website ( Flash Technology).  Allow customers to comment on products. (Web 2.0)  let shoppers know some statistics such as the best sellers and suggest other products that have been looked at by other customers.  Improve “About Us” page. ( Videos instead of text only, Pictures, profiles)

17 Recommendations  Improve customer services.  Fix the technical problems ( License, Database)  focus more on affiliate marketing.  Using web analytics software. (Omniture)

18 Questions? Thank you for your time.

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