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Ethos, Logos, and Pathos Composition

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1 Ethos, Logos, and Pathos Composition
AP English Language Mr. Gallegos Abraham Lincoln High School

2 SOAPS Warm-Up For today’s warm-up, you are gong to re-read the article you annotated last night and complete the SOAPS activity. This activity will help us create a focused, well-written introduction that includes a T.A.G. statement and thesis statement. Subject Occasion Audience Purpose Speaker

3 Learning Objectives Content Objective: Students will be able to identify and analyze the use of ethos, pathos, and logos in an essay. Language Objective: Students will read the Jody Heyman essay and annotate the text. Language Objective: Students will write an essay where they analyze how the author uses rhetorical appeals to achieve her purpose.

4 Key Vocabulary Ethos is an appeal to character by demonstrating that the speaker is trustworthy and credible. Ethos often stresses shared values between the speaker and the audience. Logos is an appeal to logic or reason by offering clear and rational ideas to back up your thesis, or claim.

5 Key Vocabulary Pathos is an appeal to emotion. An argument should never be based solely on pathos. Figurative language, personal anecdotes, and vivid images are commonly used. Thesis statements reveal the central idea in a work and the position of the writer in certain contexts.

6 Annotating the Text Language Objective: Students will read the Jody Heyman essay and annotate the text. Underline examples of logos. Circle examples of ethos. Place a star next to words or phrases that create pathos.

7 Use SOAPS to Write Your Introduction
Your introduction needs to consist of a T.A.G. statement and thesis. You need to use the components of the SOAPS graphic organizer to write your introduction. T.A.G.- Title, Author, Genre Thesis Statement- In analysis essays, you always want to address what techniques you are analyzing and how those techniques are used by the author to achieve a specific purpose.

8 Sample Introduction Jody Heyman is the director of the McGill University Institute for Health and Social Policy and the author of the editorial titled “We Can Afford to Give Parents a Break.” In the editorial, she uses rhetorical appeals to persuade lawmakers, business leaders and families that new mothers need adequate maternity leave in order to attend to their newborns for an appropriate amount of time, thus making it necessary to revise current maternity leave policies.

9 Reminders For Your Essay
1. Make sure you have a solid thesis. Make sure your thesis addresses author’s purpose and how the rhetorical appeals were used in order for her to achieve her purpose. 2. Remember that effective writers justify their thesis statements (positions) by using examples to back up their point. 3. Make sure you effectively structure your paper and that you have well-constructed paragraphs with topic sentences that let the reader know what that specific paragraph is going to be about. This means you need an introduction, body, and conclusion.

10 Homework Assignment We will be working on your essays tomorrow. I highly recommend you get a head start on your essays. Go back through the essay and think about your thesis statement. Remember, your thesis statement needs to address author’s purpose.

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