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School Success Secrets to Success!.

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1 School Success Secrets to Success!

2 Multiple Intelligences
? Multiple Intelligences Learning Styles

3 What’s a Learning Style?
Have you found yourself asking for the teacher’s directions to be repeated? Sometimes do things just not stick? What’s going on? Is something wrong?

4 What’s a Learning Style?
There’s Good News and Bad News! Good News is, there is probably nothing wrong with you! Bad News is you will have to do some homework to figure out the best way to do your homework! Truth is, everybody’s brain is different, and each brain prefers to take in information in a particular way

5 What’s a Learning Style?
Some students remember Best materials they’ve seen, some remember things they’ve heard, while others remember things they’ve experienced!

6 How Does Your Brain Work?
People view problems or new information in 2 different ways: They see a big picture They see a group of little parts Example: Some history students will think of the Civil War as one large event with a series of battles and a specific outcome. Others will see it as a series of specific events and will remember battle places, individual victories, etc…

7 Which Way is Better? Neither way is better. However, by understanding your learning style, you may understand why you find yourself reading and not understanding!

8 How Can You Determine Your Learning Style?
Understand the characteristics of each type of learner and which one(s) you identify with the most!

9 Let's Take The Quiz!

10 Visual Learner Characteristics
Is good at spelling but forgets names Needs quiet study time Has to think awhile before understanding lecture Is good at spelling Likes colors & fashion Dreams in color Understands/likes charts Is good with sign language

11 Auditory Learner Characteristics
Likes to read to self out loud Is not afraid to speak in class Likes oral reports Is good at explaining Remembers names Notices sound effects in movies Enjoys music Is good at grammar and foreign language Reads slowly Follows spoken directions well Can’t keep quiet for long periods Enjoys acting, being on stage Is good in study groups

12 Kinesthetic Learner Characteristics
Is good at sports Can’t sit still for long Is not great at spelling Does not have great handwriting Likes science lab Studies with loud music on Likes adventure books, movies Likes role playing Takes breaks when studying Builds models Is involved in martial arts, dance Is fidgety during lectures

13 Why is it Important to Know My Learning Style?
Research shows that students can perform better on tests if they change study habits to fit their own personal learning styles. Ex. Visual Learners will sometimes struggle during essay exams because they can’t recall test material that was “heard” in a lecture!

14 What Can You Do? If that same visual learner uses a visual aid when studying, like a colorful outline of test materials, he/she may retain more information. For this type of learner, visual tools improve the ability to recall information more completely.

15 Visual Learner Suggestions
Draw a map of events in history or draw scientific process Make outlines of everything! Copy what’s on the board Ask the teacher to diagram Diagram sentences Take notes, make lists Watch videos Color code words, research notes Outline reading Use flashcards Use highlighters, circle words, underline Best Types of Tests  Diagramming Reading maps Essays Showing a process Worst Types of Tests  Listen and respond tests

16 Auditory Learner Suggestions
Use word associations to remember facts and lines Record lectures Watch videos Repeat facts with eyes closed Participate in group discussions Use audiotapes for language practice Tape notes after writing them Best Types of Tests  Writing responses to lectures Oral exams Worst Types of Tests  Reading passages and writing answers about them in a timed test

17 Kinesthetic Learner Suggestions
Studying in short blocks Taking lab classes Role Playing Taking field trips, visiting museums Studying with others Using memory games Using flash cards to memorize Best Types of Tests  Short definitions Fill-ins Multiple Choice Worst Types of Tests  Long Tests Essays

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